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Ed Bristol
various gemstone colours

Off-colors, zoning, bargains...

Create your own jewelry.

Wonders of the mineral world.


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Tourmaline and Opal

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WildFishGems & WorldLandTrust:
For every sale we buy
1000 squares meter of rainforest
to be preserved for your great-grandkids by WLT


Read & Relax:

  • ​All our gems are photographed in natural daylight
    • We do not use Photoshop or digital enhancements in our photos
    • High-definition zoom images with 36-fold magnification from various angles plus hand-shots show it all (and more)
  • Our no-nonsense return policy is tested & true for over ten years
    • No exceptions. No discussions. No delays.
    • No re-enlisting fees or hidden costs
    • Best practice industry-wide
    • Return inside USA or EU (no hassle)
  • Wild Fish pioneered the internet market for gemstones
    • Online since 2003 – long before Facebook or Twitter :-)
    • Today, many web-shops come and go. We stay!
    • Best & Biggest collection online: Over 1,000 untreated gemstones
    • One decade of unblemished reputation on all social media
  • Grading & Certification at no extra cost
    • Standardized grading report (original)
    • Independent third-party certificates (original)
      -> value documented for generations to come
  • Free worldwide shipping
    • No extra charge
    • No import duties on gemstones
    • Secure and easy
    • Global risk coverage
    • Individual service for any occasion
  • Jewelry
    • World-class goldsmiths
    • Hand-made individual designs only
    • Ample experience from 'classic' to 'extravagant' (we’ve done it all)
    • Premium materials only
    • Reasonable pricing as add-on service with our gems
  • Privacy & Security
    • Top-notch e-commerce systems
    • Secure banking and payment systems
    • Watertight privacy rules and standard legal framework


Natural Gemstones Only!

No Heat, No Radiation.
No Bleaching, No Oil.
No Filler, No Diffusion.
No BE, No Chemicals.

Nothing but... gems!

Made by Earth.


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Natural Gems Only - No Heat. No Radiation. No Bleaching. No Oil. No Filler. No Diffusion. No Chemicals.


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