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Ed Bristol
Tanzanian Sapphire
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3.05 Carat
Metallic Blue Green
Medium Dark 80
Lightly Included





- Identification: Natural Unheated & Untreated Green Blue Sapphire

- Carat: 3.05

- Shape: Oval

- Measures: 8.61x7.45x5.49 (millimeter)

- Color Grade: Very Good

- Tone: MD80

- Color Zoning: None

- Clarity: Lightly Included

- Cutting Grade: Very Good

o       Brilliancy: 66%

o       Depth: 74%

- Origin: Tanzania

- Treatment: None


Certificate No: GB12091484


Overall Grade: Very Good

Comment: Cold, hard and not easy to understand (but to know him is to love him). This mix of blue and green is a rare but classic color in sapphire. It needs time and light to penetrate in all its beauty (which always is a sign of a great gem). Inclusions visible (one that is) only under the lens. The main picture shows the maximum color and brilliancy on a sunny day (without direct sunlight) and indoors. It is difficult to say if it is more green or blue then, perhaps just equal. Challenging! Character stone for a men's ring. With MD80 this gem is as dark as Kashmir blue - not expect a shiny bright gem. Perfect dimensions, great proportions. These Tanzanian sapphire usually are usually found in smaller sizes only, around one carat, so three carat is fat.

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