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Jewelry Testimonials


R.P., Spain:

"The star ruby pendant arrived last week but I wasn't in XX so I've just received it. It's really beautiful. Thank you. She's going to love it! Glad to have put my trust in you to design it."

(star ruby in gold)

M.E., MA:

"I received the ruby and and it looks spectacular. Thanks"

(ruby in platinum)

L.R., Australia:

"Well the ring has arrived and it is perfect!!!! It is delicate and it is milgrained and the window is perfectly disguised and the rose gold is absolutely lush against the orange-pink of the pad, it is so gorgeous you could practically eat it! Thank you, thank you for all your work and the goldsmith's work in getting it right, I know it took some doing but it was so worth it because now it is jaw-dropping!!!"

(padparadscha in all-rose-gold and diamonds)

A.M.; Indonesia:

"Thanks Ed I finally got it, It is really beautiful thankyou."

(padparadscha and diamonds in platinum)

J.S., NSW:

"Spinel earrings arrived yesterday. Sweet- as you said. Thanks, again,"

(spinel in gold)

J.S., OZ:

"And it arrived in all it’s glory today. The trouble with upping the anti is that my other stones look rather tawdry now.  I currently live with the garnet ring. Don’t take it off to bathe, sleep etc. But it looks very ordinary alongside the ruby magic. That’s OK it’s a working ring and it’s a great work horse."

(ruby in gold)

P.S., Toronto:

"Just received the ring - the stone and setting look simply stunning!  Bang on job.  "

(sapphire in gold)

G&T., NC:

"Teresa is quite pleased, loves the interplay of colors.  You need another installment of the book! More later!"

(sapphire and spinel in gold)


S.P., Washington:

"I'm wearing it now, it is lovely, and I appreciate all of your working with me to make it happen."

(ruby and diamonds in gold)

G.H., CA:

"We love the ring, thanks for always responding quickly and for the advice; it made us feel comfortable making this important purchase with you."

(yellow sapphire in gold)

J.S., Australia:

"I am so pleased with the ring and am wearing it now. The colours in the gem are amazing and vary according to the angle and light. It is up front, and intriguing as it explodes in colour. I look forward to wearing it often."

(Malaya garnet in gold)

P.C., UK:

"My pendant has arrived safely yesterday thank you.   The Vanadium Trillion Sparkle Sphene is stunningly beautiful.  I took it into  the Winter sunshine this morning and it was dazzling.  Quite the stunner.   In the evening here in my lounge, I have it beside me and it is glittering away with many colors including lots of red flashes. Isn't that amazing considering it's a lime green stone- fascinating.  

In The Lord Of The Rings, the half-elf princess, Arwen, is the keeper of a wondrous sparkling magical pendant called "The Evenstar"............... mine is nicer   :-P 

Until next time….."

(sphene in gold)

L.W., CA:

"Just to tell you that my package arrived yesterday. That's a very elegant little tsavorite and the gold setting is beautiful --- just perfect. My baby granddaughter may have to wait a bit to wear it, but she will know that Grandma L had picked something very special for her first birthday! Thanks for making sure it got here on time! Again thanks, Ed, for choosing such beautiful stones! As ever, I'll be back!"

(tsavorite in gold)

J.S., Australia:

"The earrings arrived today. I was not initially blown away by the sapphires but they are growing on me rapidly. They do sparkle beautifully and will be very easy to wear with everything. The African sphenes are actually nicer than I thought they could be. Altogether very happy."

(sphenes in gold, sapphires in gold)

K.K., Australia:

"It has taken a while but I have finally had the Montana sapphire set into a ring, the colour is perfect and I couldn't be happier. After much research I decided to go with a rose gold and platinum setting, which will not tarnish and is very secure, perfect for wearing all the time.

I found the information on your website invaluable, it helped not only with making an informed decision when choosing a stone, but also gave me a realistic idea on how to approach having the stone set and dealing with the jeweller. Like with most things, it was worth spending a bit more to get it right the first time. Thanks for your help and advice, I will be back!"

(Montana sapphire in local setting)

R.G., IA:

"Just got the ring and earrings, and the spinels are as advertised !
Thanks for all your efforts !!!!!"

(spinels in gold)

R.N., Norway:

"The pendant arrived safely today. Thank you so much! It's beautiful, and beautifully made: please thank the platinum smith for me."

(sapphire in platinum)


S.L., Japan:

"got 'em jit (just in time). thanks, really nice stones from africa." 

(topaz in white gold)






Australian sapphire in white gold

G.M., CT:

"I received the ring on Friday and although her birthday isn’t until October I wanted to present it to her right away. As you said, it came out great, it’s beautiful, she absolutely loves it. The stone, although unseen by me other than your website is awesome, combined with the setting (which your goldsmith did a fantastic job) is breathtaking. Thank you so much for making this online experience a rewarding and satisfying experience."

(Australian sapphire in white gold)

Ruby and diamonds in gold

D.T., Brisbane:

"I have received the ring. It looks out of this world, the ruby is perfect and the goldsmith did a fantastic job. I love it! Thanks for all your help.  I cannot wait to see XXX with it. Kind regards"

(Ruby and diamonds in gold)

red spinel in local setting

J.S., GA:

"Hope you are doing well.  Thought you might like to see a pic of the finished ring.  This is just a snapshot taken with an IPhone, but look how fiery the stone is. This was a tough project to complete, but we finally got a great result. Thanks for your help."

(hunted red spinel in local setting)

sapphire in gold

J.S., VIC:

"My ring arrived yesterday. I, too, like the design. The stone is lovely, to be perfect it could have been a little deeper in colour."

(sapphire in gold)

R.K., CA:

"Looks great Ed, thanks for rushing it. Proposing on the solstice this Friday. The gem among others I collected are going in my little mermaids treasure chest"

(topaz in platinum)

K.M., NY:

"The ring arrived last week and I proposed to her on Saturday. Her first reaction was pleased, but as it was in the evening, the stone couldn't show her its full "stop-light red" glory, so I told her to wait until she could see it in the sunlight the next day. Big mistake - she's been up at 6 o'clock every morning since so that she can spend an hour admiring it in the sunrise! Needless to say, she is beyond pleased, which means that I am beyond pleased."

(ruby in platinum)

S.L., Japan:

"The yellow tourmaline arrived yesterday with a nicely done 'corner up' setting. Looks terrific and now needs a gold chain to hang on."

(tourmaline in gold)

R.K., CA:

"Love pendant and earrings Ed, you never disappoint"

(iridescence chrome tourmaline in platinum)  


(sapphires in gold)  

C.E., Germany:

"Herewith the promised picture of a ruby set in a palladium ring and a ruby set in a palladium choker necklace, both designed by Renesim.

First point
Palladium is mixed with gold to made white gold. 
Density of palladium (12 g/cm3) is near to the density of silver (10,5 g/cm3), but nearly no oxidation (we have the ring for 1,5 year now). The surface can be brushed to  adapt the hue (grey scaling). Further it is not a problem for a jeweller to clean such a ring or necklace if necessary.​
​Further the price of one oz (726 USD/oz) is about the half of the price of gold (1384 USD/oz) .  With regard to the density of gold (19,3g/cm3) the final price with palladium will be about 1/3 of the price of an equivalent in gold. It seems to be a good alternative to white gold or platinum

Second point
​I read in the testimonials that somebody was surprised of the small size of the gem. Personally I draw the gem  on paper in a 1 to 1 scale and with the colour to see how it looks like. 

Maybe you can add both points on your page. Cordially,"

(rubies in palladium, design by RenéSim)

S.T., CA:
"You sold me a CC garnet a year ago. It was a 1.46 CT cushion - Grading report CCBG146, Certificate #11030142.  I finally had it set and it's so fabulous.  It took me a year to find a setting that did it justice and then the jeweler did some custom work to make it perfect.  It's a 1.00CTW with a halo containing 217 tiny F colored, micro pave set diamonds.  It's a unique gem in a one of a kind setting. To be honest I loved looking at the garnet so much while it was unset, I was afraid I would mess up the beauty by covering up even a tiny portion with the prongs. I'm not a great photographer, but I took a few pics. Thanks for the BEAUTIFUL gem!"
(beliky cc garnet in local gold setting with tons of diamonds)

C.D., WA:

"Just wanted to let you know we received the stone and finally had a chance to get a picture of the final product. She's really in love with the sapphire and I can't thank you enough for all your help! Will be recommending WildFishGems to all my friends!!!"

(sapphire in gold - local setting)

M.N., WI:

"The ring is Great!"

(ruby in gold)


S.L., Beppu:

"The dravite pendant arrived today. Bargain stone chosen because I thought it a good match for gold, and I was correct (hopefully it will help restore some of gold's lost lustre)." 

(dravite in gold)

P.C., UK:

"Zircon earring studs arrived safely yesterday. Thanks very much they are very pretty. Your goldsmith did a very nice job."  

(zircons in gold)

B.S., PA:

"I received the ring and the AIGS report yesterday. It's really beautiful. You did a wonderful job and I'm very glad to have stumbled on to your site. I just left you positive feedback on the Amazon site. Thank you very much!"

(sapphire and six diamonds in gold)

B.B., FL:
"Dear Ed, Upon opening the package, I discovered rare beauty and old world craftsmanship in the gemstone's beauty and the goldsmith's expertise. I am very pleased with the final results of this project. My design, my vision, my determination, Plus your dripping beauty of a gemstone with your talented team.

This project was well executed to create everlasting results. Carol, is very deserving, indeed. She knows it is a custom-made, one-of-a-kind, handmade ring for her to wear everyday. But she does not know what type of stone or what it looks like, design and all. It shall be a wonderful surprise!!! Thank-you for all of your hard work and talented team. The project is a success. The ring is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(amethyst in gold with engraved treasure map)

L.W.; Norway:

"Oh Ed, how beautiful!  Thank you! "

(sapphire in gold)

J.K., NY:

"I realize I never wrote to thank you. The sapphire is stunning, just as you had described it, and the setting you created is elegant and shows off the gem beautifully. My fiancee hardly ever takes the ring off!
Buying a gem required a leap of faith for me -- I am not a gem expert, and I had never met you or seen the gem in person when I made the purchase. Your fairness, professionalism and honesty made working with you easy and relaxing, and I am completely satisfied with my purchase. Thank you!"

(sapphire in gold)

S.N. & A.S.; OH: 
"The ring arrived today and we are stunned by its beauty. You were right on the mark with all your suggestions. It looks very luxurious and grand. We had not envisioned it that way and the ring far exceeds our expectations. Your smith has done an excellent job of setting the stones and giving the lotus a three dimensional feel. Please thank him and Mr. S. on our behalf. Thank you so much. It has been a pleasure getting the stone and the ring from you. Both of us cherish the ring as well as the experience. Sincerely,"
(hunted Kashmir-blue Burma sapphire with diamonds in Jyotish platinum setting)

S.B., New Mexico:

"Hi Ed. The ring is beautiful! Just wondering if there are any dos and do bots for getting the ring cleaned? Are the machines they run them through at the jewelers okay for the ring? Soaks?  Thanks,"

(ruby and white sapphires in platinum)

A.R., PA:
"The tsavorite ring arrived yesterday, along with my two small diamonds. the craftsmanship is excellent, your tsavorite is a real winner, the replacement diamonds were beautifully matched and the top of the ring is 100% accurate. Thanks. The ring is stunning, "
(tsavorite and diamonds in platinum)

J.W., FL:

"Exactly what I wanted.  Stone with minimal gold.  They are gorgeous..I've never worn such large ones and I was afraid they would be heavy but they are not. Also, they hang wonderfully. I am still in awe that you and your wizard of a jeweler got them perfectly with the small amount of communication that passed between us. I know I should probably only wear them in the evening but I will probably wear them during the day some, as well. Thanks for making my dreams come true, once again."

(topaz in gold)

J.S., OZ:

"They have arrived and I like them. Thanks for responding to my emails and following up constantly for me."

(sapphires in gold)

A.I., CA:

"I recently got engaged, and the sapphire is even more stupendous in the setting. I'm attaching a quick phone cam shot, and will send you some proper ones soon.

Do you know where in Sri Lanka the sapphire was mined? My fiance actually had / has some relatives there doing charity work so he is curious!

Thanks again! The sapphire is something very special

Just wanted to let you know the ring won "Jewel of the Week!" of pricescope! Here is the link, the sapphire looks AMAZING! But, it truly looks even more breathtaking in real life, and THAT is rare!


And, here are a few better photos, as promised!

(sapphire in local setting)

R.N.; AK:

"The pendant arrived today: very very sweet - I'm glad I ditched the ring idea! It looks lovely.  Thank you so much. Good wishes,"

(emerald crystal in gold)

S.L.; JP:
"The color, clarity, and brilliance are all first rate. Pink is personally not my color, but the girls (wife and daughters) certainly like it. One of the best in my collection."
(spinel in gold)

B.K., LA:
"looks amazing, ed, been wild week"
(padparadscha and green garnets in rose gold)

J.S., OZ: 

"The scapolites for my sister look great."

(scapolite in gold)

J.B., Ohio:

"I just got the stones. I am not sure what exactly to say. When I got the first two sapphires I thought they were very nice but these are absolutely amazing. I absolutely love the ruby. they are so amazing I can't let them go for long. I believe in following your heart and passion. I think you can understand that as it seems you are that way. I love reading your stories."

(ruby and sapphire in gold)

C.E., NL:

"Sorry for being late for sending the picture.
Herewith a picture from the dragonfly and its matching ring. Unfortunately I could not do a perfect picture (see some light reflexion).
Dragonfly: Kashmirblue Madagascar sapphire (1,04ct), 4 Tanzania Mahenge Pad spinels (1,40ct, 1,45ct, 0,79ct, 0,62ct), nacre, white gold (18kt) and small SI diamonds on the body. The size of the dragonfly is about 6,5 cm x 8 cm.
Ring: Tanzania Mahenge Pad spinel (1,48ct), nacre, white gold (18kt). Size of the ring: 52,5, the width at the top of the ring is about 1,6 cm. Chain: standard classic white gold (18kt) chain.

(Various gems, Design by Renésim)

J.S., Australia:

"I am very pleased with my 3 rings and glad that I did not ask in time for a smaller size.

The bands are comfortable and thick, just as I like them. You are right about your jeweler in Bangkok- nice work. The Ceylonese sapphire is my favourite but I like both the other rings very well too. Thank you for your suggestion of a white gold band and rose gold bezel for the pink spinel and thank you too for encouraging me to think outside my blue box.

I know that my sister will be very happy with the blue spinel which is rather larger than I appreciated. Like me she chooses to wear chunky rings so it will suit her.

I have had a lot of fun buying from you and now will not buy gems elsewhere but I don't expect to be looking for anything for a while. One day I would like a cabochon but it will be best not to look at your site for some months. We have several weddings to pay for.

Many thanks Ed and great to communicate and buy from you,"

(sapphire & spinel ring-set)

H.D., London:
"Hi Ed -  Just thought you might like to see how the 5 ct. sapph ended up.  I'm getting married and this is the finished ring with matching band. Micky Roof did the work, as usual. "
(sapphire in gold and diamonds by Micky Roof)

H.M., NC:

"The blue sapphire is constantly changing color (blue, purple, violet, orange, red and various combinations at the same time) and we never know what to expect next, much like my personality! The other photos are the 1.73 white (green) sapphire (we've seen pale pink, pale yellow, and clear) and the 2.65 CC blue sapphire. The white sapphire ring feels just as sweet as the photos and I really enjoy wearing it. Thank you for providing a venue for beauties like these."

(cc sapphire in gold and diamonds, local setting)

M.G., New York:

"Dear Ed, This is just to let you know that the certificates have all arrived well. I have been enjoying the ring for a few days now and it´s great, just that tiny little bit larger than it should be! I was waiting to write this email as I wanted to wear it for a few days  - and I decided now that it really is fine. Other than that, I really do not think many people own such a nice ring - so thank you very much. I am sure we would be back for some more nice stones! Best wishes,"

(ruby and 12 diamonds in gold) 


S.L.; Kawasaki:
"Received. Sparkling citrine and gold are a truly stunning combination. Outstanding (and economical). "
(citrine in yellow gold)

R.K., LA:
"Just got it. Amazing Ed. Another real stunner. Thanks so much. Couple secretaries here spotted it in my office when I opened it, their eyes were popping. This one is going in the safe for now."
(3 padparadschas in platinum)

MTM, Helsinki:

"Hi Ed, I thought maybe you'd like to see where the sapphire I bought from you ended up. Sally at Heart of Water Jewels called the round "The Bomb" because of its vivid blue :D Thanks again from a satisfied customer. Wishing you a great year 2012"



K.I., Japan:

"It is very beautiful ring that has red twinkle in blue sapphire. This stone changes her face at day and night, sunlight, most lovely velvet purple~blue~mixed color is seen at side of window on sunny afternoon. Sometimes, I can see Kashmir blue in the blue. I enjoy this stone. Thank you!" 

(Kashmir sapphire)


S&A, Sunny FL:

"You can mark the yellow sapphire as sold. We got it back from our jeweler today. It's set in a 18k white gold halo with .19 carat diamonds surronding it. We think it looks stunning. Thanks for the great sapphire!"

(sapphire in local gold and diamond)


M.N., KY:

"All I can say is: You have exceeded my expectations!  Everything about the stone and setting is perfect!  I am seriously thinking hard about the aqua's!  You are such a pleasure to work with!  I am a lifetime member of the Wild Fish Fan Club!!!"

(sapphire in gold)


S.L., Japan:

"Both received. The 1K Tsavorite is a terrific sparkler and will make a truly outstanding ring. The garnet will be put to immediate use with a platinum chain. I would expect to be making similar requests (stones in white gold pendant holders) in the future. Thanks,"

(garnet in gold, merelani garnet)


L.W., CA:

"This has got to be one of the most interesting bracelets anyone could ever look at! The Burmese stone and the color changer should mesmerize with the day/night shifts in and out of purple. These are the colors that my daughter said were in her garden, so I'm guessing this will knock her eye out when she sees it. It's what every adventure-story reading kid wants to find in that hidden cave! Looks like a very fine job on the links, too. Carefully crafted, as you always do. Once again, the score is 10! Many thanks.

My daughter pronounced the bracelet "jaw-droppingly amazing" and said she was having fun studying each gem.  Said she was looking forward to having me see it. Had a B.D. party on 9/18 for 20 of her orchestra and no doubt she wore it and it was noticed by many.  So I'm happy and no doubt you are too. 

(sapphires in gold)

S.Y., N.J.:

"Hi Ed, the arrings arrived. They look lovely. Sorry for the late response. Its been crazy between the move, the hurrican, no power, still...."

(rubies in gold and diamonds)


H.D., NC:

"Thanks so much for all the wonderful jewels.  You are the best!"

(various, design Micky Roof)


R.C., Palo Alto:

"ED--the FIT is perfect, the STYLE is perfect, the STONE is gorgeous!  I am BEYOND pleased--I am THRILLED.  I will sing your praises everywhere--thank you SO much!!  Wow, I cannot believe I waited so long to find you so that you could find this beauty for me!  :-) You are the BEST..."

(cobalt spinel in adjustable gold ring)


B.K., LA:

"Just got them, they look fantastic, you never disappoint Ed"

(peridot crystals in pendant)


C.T., Washington DC:

"The tsavorite pendant is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much."

(tsavorite in gold)


K.P., OH:

"I've just received the earrings and the stone. They are absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you!!!"

(tsavorite and diamonds in gold)


R.K., LA:

"As always, the gems are beautiful. I like to have fun with designs as we did our Incan sun project, but I really love how they shine by themselves. The peridot earrings really are grass green, the color and sparkle make me think of a spring day, and the topaz pendant is one of the most beautiful gems I've seen in a while. I'm really happy we kept to a simple setting."

(topaz and peridots in gold)


L.W., CA:

"Here it is!  What a ring!  I'm staring at it in disbelief.  Sensational color and sparkle is not an exaggeration!  The use of the platinum is exactly right!.  I can't thank you enough for all the work you have done, for your patience, for your artistry!  Even the photo of this stone, which is wonderful, can't convey what you feel when you see it!  My daughter will one day have another unbelievable sapphire from you.  Can't wait til she sees it!  Now I want to become a member."

(sapphire in platinum)


A.W., CA:

"... the necklace is very beautiful and fun and the symbolism is nice too!"  

(star sapphire and diamonds in gold)


H.D., Mooresville:

"The sapphires came back from my jeweler today.  They are really fantastic! Check out the ring! Watch for some kind of cosmic event! Thanks again. I jut love them."

(set of sapphires in gold)


J.W., Washington D.C.:

"We received her ring today and to state that she was completely "over the moon" is putting her reaction mildly. Thank you so much for working with my mom (and me) to find just the right stone for my ring. The sapphire is flawless and beautiful AND looks great in the antique setting.  You were kind, thoughtful and patient throughout the whole process and really enabled us to find just what we were looking for. Thanks for your help!"

(sapphire in gold and diamonds)


H.D., NC:

"Here are a few shots of the jewelry I've had made with some of your stones. Love them all so much!  I'll send more when I get them."

(natural turquoise in gold)


K.L., London:

"Just wanted to show you my new tourmaline necklace, it is finally done and lovely. I am very happy with all the stones, thank you Ed."

(suite of tourmalines, design by Tony Cox)


A.A., Portugal:

"The pendant arrived last week. Really beautiful stone and bezel setting. It is Interesting one can only see color difference when putting the studs and the pendant really close, only there you can see the pad is really pushing towards some orange tone. Thanks for your advise. Hopefully next year I will buy some more stones, then I will consult with you again."

(padparadscha in gold)


A.A., Portugal:

"Great gems ! the mild pink is really beautiful ! (it does really great with white gold ! ) my wife loved them! For sure I will do some more business with you! I was looking at the webpage and I found that you have a hot lavender pink. Please see if you can find a good pink to match the studs and let me know the details."

(sapphire in gold)


S.K., OR:

"I received the earrings yesterday...they are beautiful! Thanks so much!"

(sapphire in gold)


A.M., Miami:

"The ring arrived safely. Your goldsmith did a good job trying to approximate the pictures. It has a very hand-made quality to it which is exactly what I wanted. The center stone looks great and the diamonds are a perfect size. I can't wait to go outside in a couple of hours to see the sapphire in the sun as the poor fluorescent lighting and tinted windows of my office are not doing it justice. I update you in a couple of days.

I just took the ring for an insurance appraisal. My gemologist was very impressed with the stone and said that you did a great job on the setting and in choosing the diamonds as well. She was particularly impressed by the clarity of the stone and it took her so long to find anything under the microscope that she was getting worried. After completing her examination and test, she agreed completely with everything on your in-house grading report. We also noticed a slight purplish tint to the stone, which, in her opinion, was a very nice addition to its already very impressive blue color. Without knowing how much I actually paid, her appraisal came out at $X. In sum, she was so impressed with the sapphire that she asked me to send her a link to your website. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and, depending on my choice for the wedding bands,  I will likely contact you again when the wedding draws nearer."

(sapphire and diamonds in gold)


A.W., Norway:

"Yes!!! And I was waiting to write a proper reply :) It's very beautiful!!  I showed it off at my birthday party on the 13th. It matched my dress perfectly! I received many compliments on it too :)"

(pink sapphire in gold air-setting)


R.K., CA:

"Spectacular, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your effort for me on this pendant. It's just incredible."
(4 sapphire, 1 topaz and 2 mandarin garnet in platinum featuring the Inka sun god - Inti)


L.W., Richmond:

"Dear Ed, My ruby ring came today at 4pm and I immediately put it on and found that it fit exactly.  It is such a clean, beautiful ruby, and you have made such an elegant setting for it!  I will never tire of looking at it and enjoying its sparkle.  It was so worth the long wait! I knew from studying your website that your description would be accurate, and am really grateful for your explanation of the difference between "mild" and "wild" rubies because then I knew what I wanted, and it is a stone I can live with for a long, long time! Also, it is a piece my daughter will love inheriting one day (and adding to the sapphire you have just sent her, which I can't wait to hear about!).  In addition, thank you for all your patience and care and communication.  It has been such a pleasure to do business with you!  Please put up a picture for others to see!  Thank you again, so much!"

(ruby in gold)  


XY, Asia:

"Two thumbs up for the artist to be able to do this in platinum, and excellent craftmenship. One of a kind indeed. Very special. Something I'll enjoy for a long time. Although, it wasn't love at first sight, this ring already starting to grow on me. As for the Alex, the crystal is crisp and brilliant. This stone is also something that takes time to appreciate the true beauty. At first, the color change is not as i expected, the red color is like a reddish dark shadow masking the green, not red as in ruby or spinel. The true beauty however is under the sun light and mixed lights, where the color play is dynamic from green, bluish green, yellowish green and flashes of red. I'm still studying this gem, very interesting and has start to grow on me, just like the ring. Many thanks to you for making it happen. Thanks again."

(Platinum dragon with red spinel holding 2.5ct Alexandrite)


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