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Ed Bristol

Natural-Color Diamonds - our new frontier. 

We have always used small diamonds to add glitter in our custom-made jewelry but never sold loose white diamonds as such. It seemed bad taste and worse karma for many reasons. Most of you know those arguments from the media, so I won't rehash them here.

White diamonds remain a con-job, perhaps the biggest scam ever, simply because they are and always will be in over-supply and should not have been considered a rare gem to begin with.

To all those who have already been scammed: enjoy the glitter nevertheless and remember, in the end, it's all just stuff; oh, and don't shoot the messenger, nor the husband.

... read on ...

padparadscha spinel in square cushion from Sri Lanka
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0.32 Carat
Pumpkin Orange
Medium Dark 60
Free of Inclusions

square cushion diamonds without artificially coloring
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0.23 Carat
Fancy Green-Yellow
Medium Dark 60
Lightly Included

fancey yellow diamond in square cushion from Africa
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0.24 Carat
Bright Vivid Yellow
Light 33 
Free of Inclusions


... from above...

In all fairness, big clean white diamonds are rare, though perhaps not as much as some may like to believe. In normal household sizes, hundreds of thousands, or millions of visually identical white diamonds fill the vaults of the old-world's fat-cats, waiting for, well, as they so pointedly said: ‘forever’.

Some web companies brag with half-a-million diamonds in one single database. I fail to see how this is supposed to be a compliment to any one of the unhappy 500.000 there on offer.  

A list of visually identical untreated rubies or sapphires could be complied on a single sheet of paper. Alexandrites and Taafeite will fit on a post-it or two. 

In short, working with white diamonds is terribly boring, bad karma, and the old fat-cats get leaner.

Natural-Color diamonds, on the contrary, are very different animals. They are rare, pretty, unique, and exciting. This fits the common definition of a gemstone, and only there we will work. 

As with most other gem varieties, the majority of colored diamonds are treated or semi-synthetic mutants. Of course, we won’t touch these gems either. Fear not fracture filling, laser drills, surface coating, KM lasering, heat treatments, irradiation, annealing, or graphite deposits, nor their combination with 1001 other enhancement technics, plus all other secrets still out there. 

A few worlds about diamond grading. It's a common saying that you can learn all about diamonds in a day, and all about opals in a life-time. This is true only for white diamonds. Natural-colored diamonds are as complicated as, say, sapphires, or tourmalines, less than opal or garnets but somewhere inbetween, no shame not to know all.

Generally, diamonds are cut and polished with far greater precision than other colored gemstones. This has historical and industrial reasons with which we will not bore you, unless asked for.

For our grading, you need to remember only two issues:

1. Even if a diamond is precision cut, it does NOT automatically get the honor of an 'excellent' in our grading-system. Within our raised standards a diamond must work harder to receive an excellent, say an innovative cutting or ideal-. 

2. Regarding clarity we will maintain our grading system of ‘free of inclusions’ (lens-clean), ‘lightly included’ (eye-lean) and the rare ‘moderately included’. We will not follow the lets-make-it-complicated trick of IF to Sl1 etc.p.p. Either inclusions are visible with the lens, or the eye, or not at all, 'pasta'!

All other business rules remain unchanged. Diamonds protect rainforest and fight for animal rights, they come to your home for free, fully documented and with all WildFish perks.

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Natural Gems Only - No Heat. No Radiation. No Bleaching. No Coating. No Filler. No Diffusion. No Chemicals.


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