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Dravite is a member of the giant tourmaline family. In its best Sunday dress it is golden honey colored, but in its Monday morning drab...

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dark orange octagon Mozambique tourmaline
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2.27 Carat
Dusky Golden Orange
Medium Dark 80
Free of Inclusions

Golden orange Mozambique tourmaline
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2.60 Carat
Golden Orange
Medium Dark 65
Free of Inclusions

darkest orange octagon Mozambique tourmaline
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1.57 Carat
Deep Dusky Golden Orange
Medium Dark 85
Free of Inclusions

Hey brown Badakshan Dravite
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2.22 Carat
Hay Brown
Medium 50
Free of Inclusions

Cinnamon brown Ceylon Tourmaline
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7.28 Carat
Golden Cinnamon
Medium Dark 85
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Dravite is a member of the giant tourmaline family. In its best Sunday dress, it is charmingly golden honey colored, but in its Monday morning drab it may be too dark brown to be even called a gem, though I have seen some dark chocolate colored specimens that had their charm. Also cinnamon and amber hues are pretty.

Tourmaline, together with garnet, is one of the big gem varieties that come in almost every color, green and red being the most famous, while dravite is a little known lineage with sodium responsible for the brown, but it can mix with other tourmalines and form in-betweens with the most original color effects, including cat’s eyes and color changers.

Vanadium, and also chromium, dravite make for rare collector gems in striking colors and I will add some if they come my way.

Honey or golden dravite is a calm, serene gem, never pushy or showy but enjoyable and understated. Bigger sizes are available. Since brown is currently not on the top of the fashion list, their prices are as relaxing as their colors. Like all tourmalines, dravite is hard enough for any jewelry project and, if cut well, comes with good luster and even fire.

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