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 Welcome to the 2020-21 WildFishGems Design Competition! 

During the 20ies we will hold an annual design competition for non-professionals.

They will be different from other contests in many ways. No fashion VIPs praising the new collection of a global sponsor. Only us and our many friends plus a selection of free gems set into a winning design for free and submitted to professional competitions. All for free. 

Here any nobody and every somebody has a chance to make it to the top without risking the house.

Plus we will have a topic or mood coming, this year, from a poem. Next year it may be a paiting.

Here is the poetry for the 20ies:

New times as drops turn deluge
waves shatter unharmed
tsunamis roll up the land

Yellow haze without sunrise
chase all with boiling blood
blacken what cannot move

May humanity show greatness.
The best dive, go on, shove right through,
 with little hands clinging to wet fingers,
frail arms strangling burnung lungs.

Behind thousand rainbows,
forces beyond imagination
observe bravery with pride.

In atmospheres and swamps
they help with a nudge or a light in the dark,
 or a smack on the head.

Alas, beware, you most powerful
somewhere beyond time and space

hear the rattle of dice.

We donate a selection of, this year, twelve gems (around or under $2k each), and let you design as if money were only the usual bore but not your main concern. See below.

A jury containing five professionals (two awardwinning designers/goldsmiths, two from our side, plus one longtime experienced customer) will vote a design along rules described below.

Then, at no cost, we will, BANG:

PRODUCE the winning design!

Jewelry for free!

We only want your best, yeah, yeah, your creativity. 

Later, in 2021, we will submit the piece to suitable competitions and cover the cost.

Here are the twelve gems waiting for your imagination:

Comment: The main image, as well as the handshot below, captured the maximum brilliancy of this zircon a tilt before full light turns the gem into a shiny yellow glitter ball without any details. As so often with such optically high-powered gems, we need several images to, well, 'get the picture'. The darker toned photo below, with less light falling into the gem's front, aka its 'face', shows the detailed quality of cut and shape but doesn't give us the gem's true color. The more light is allowed to fall into the gem the better the luster, but inner details start blurring for the camera. In most such gems a simple side-photo shows the real color, yet, in this specially bright crystal even the side and back turned out overly shiny so we had to add a shot from an angle, in the tilted position below, showing hue and tone with the least 'distraction'. Out comes a pinkish gold with a tint of orange and yellow. A beautifully tender spring color, sunny and cheerful. Returning to the original task, you can now superimpose the color onto the perfect cut .... 'et la voilĂ ': the gem as in real life. Will make a great solitary ring stone up to size ten (US), lots of diamantine fire in a soft golden pink. Best princess show for the buck.

1.81 Carat
Soft Golden Pink
Light Medium 33
Free of Inclusions


From far off the beaten path, and hard to define, comes this emerald-cut Vietnamese spinel. Color? Pink, brown, purple, rose, mauve, never one color at a time, always mild and warm and visible. Even in the handshots, where such delicate colors often disappear within the skin-hue, it stands out, sparkles well, especially for an emerald cut; or in slightly different angle simply shines in what-ever color dominates at the time. Almost free of inclusions plus two internal clefts, all visible only under the lens. Fine hand-cut with excellent polish, no treatments, no window, no inclusions: the best-in-class 3*Nos. Comes with original IGI report, grading papers, free global shipping, WLT rainforest certificate, a donation to the NhRP; and, if you wish, in ready-to-wear in a custom made one-only jewel.

1.06 Carat
Medium 50
Lightly Included

Full spinel crystal in that shining red, famously found in Mahenge. This 'rough' is facet quality (gem quality) but I feel it could (or should) be set as it is, either in a ring or a pendant. Our workshop can do it.

1.83 Carat
Deepest Pure Red
Medium Dark 70
Lightly Included

GRADING REPORT PCOR140  - Identification: Natural Unheated & Untreated Red Corals - Carat: 1.40 (0.69 & 0.71) - Shape: Round - Measures: 5.23-5.38x2.99 & 5.31-5.30x3.01  (millimeter) - Color Grade: Excellent - Tone: MD60 - Color Zoning / Texture: No zoning, smooth surface, dense clean texture - Clarity: Opaque / No visible inclusions - Cutting Grade: Very Good   - Finish: Very Good   - Depth: 57/57% - Origin: Italy  Treatment: None  Certificate No: IGI 291763884 (test from identical parcel)  Overall Grade: Excellent  Comment: Two equal rounds selected from an antique parcel of first grade red-orange Italian corals, one of which we sampled and had tested by IGI (report under 'more images') during a Jyotish jewelry project requiring, amongst others, a big oval piece of natural red coral. During that year-long hunt for old stock of quality corals, we found this small lot of rounds on the side. The number of rejected fakes, treated, or low quality specimens we acquired and/or ripped from antique jewelry to test, meanwhile, were legion. We did find one in the end, had it tested and re-cut, but it's still with us (really long story) because of a white streak on it's underside. The same type of streak you can see on the image of the backsides of one here. These are natural indents found in every natural coral as shown and explained in the above mentioned 4.38, being the cleared living-space of the former inhabitant, which you'll not find in synthetic or otherwise faked coral. Although natural and thus a sign for quality, the very best corals for jewelry have as few as possible of these white marks on the upper side. Obviously, in very big pieces, like the 4.38 we hunted, the chances of an utterly undisturbed upper surface decrease rapidly. Neither of these 5+mm rounds have any white dots on their upper sides. Inviting simple studs, both shine in the best coral red-orange, in exchangeable sizes, shapes, heights, shades, hue, tones, and anything else you ought to look at when judging a pair. The quoted price includes two additional IGI reports. If you are satisfied with a signed and weight-corrected copy of the shown report, you can save $200 (meaning total down to $600) and invest them into a setting (e.g. white gold bezel studs).

1.40 Carat
Intense Orange Red
Free of Inclusions

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