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Extract of

"Healing through Gems - Indian Astrology" by N.N. Saha

State of balance

Our body is composed of seven primary colors of the solar spectrum: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. These are called primary colors and other hues and shades are made by mixing one or two primary colors. When there is deficiency or absence of any one of these primary colors in our body, we are attacked with the disease caused by that deficiency. Suppose red rays are absent, diseases like anemia, fevers, inflammation, physical debility, weakness, loss of vitality, etc. invade our body. These diseases can be cured by injecting red rays into our body by wearing gems of red planets. The red planets are the Sun and Mars. Their favorite gems are ruby and red coral. When these gems come in contact with our body, they inject red rays into our body whereby deficiency is restored and we then become free from such diseases.

When there is an excess of red rays in our body, they produce many diseases like boils, insanity, insomnia, headache, carbuncles. These diseases can be cured by injecting cold rays into our body by wearing cold stones.

Therefore, equilibrium of rays is required to be maintained in our body in order to keep it healthy and free from any diseases. There should not be any excess of hot or cold rays. Any excess or deficiency would result in appearance of diseases.

Each gem has an abundant source of one specific ray. This source is not exhausted even after constant use of several years. That is why gems are considered most valuable healing agents. Certain gems have wonderful healing powers.

The Magical Influence of Planets

The law of progress is the law of life. How to capture and tap the magical influence of the planets most effectively for health and prosperity in life?

Mars is exalted in Capricorn and it also becomes most powerful when it comes in Aries during gochara movement. Mars is the planet of active force, courage, energy and the go-ahead spirit. Students who are dull, blunt and indolent can be greatly benefited by wearing the gem red coral in a gold ring on anamika. The beneficial rays of Mars are also essential for the early settlement of marriage of one's daughter. The essential requirement of capturing the magical influence of Mars is to prepare the ring only when Mars will be in Capricorn or in Aries, during gochara movement. Mars 'acquires considerable strength and power when it is posited in Capricorn (its exalted sign) and also in Aries. Its strength and power can be tapped and captured if its gem red coral is fitted in gold, copper or silver during the time when it will be in Capricorn or in Aries, and if the ring is worn on Tuesday morning. If the ring is made in this way, it becomes a great magical charm which can be used for success in examination, early settlement of marriage of one's daughter, and also for getting a new job.

It is said that Mercury governs the intellect and the wisdom. Its gem is the emerald or green tourmaline. Mercury is exalted in Virgo. If the gem is fitted in gold only during the time when Mercury will be at Virgo during gochara movement, it could capture and tap the magical powers of Mercury in the ring itself. If the ring is prepared in this way, it becomes a most effective magical charm. Combined use with red coral on madhyama and anamika respectively will work like magic for success in examination and competition.

Venus is exalted in Pisces and she also becomes powerful when in Taurus during gochara movement. Taurus and Pisces are the favorite signs of Venus. She acquires considerable strength and power when posited in these two signs. Her magical influence can be captured and tapped if her gem, the diamond, is fitted in a platinum ring during that time and it then becomes a most effective magical charm. Venus is the planet of all pleasures. So her gems, the diamond, white sapphire or zircon, is essential for gaining earthly pleasures in life. But Jupiter is the planet of success. The beneficial rays of Jupiter are also necessary for acquiring earthly pleasures in life. Its gem is yellow sapphire and its metal is tin or gold. The essential requirement is that yellow sapphire is to be fitted in a gold ring only during the time when Jupiter will be posited in Cancer (its exalted Sign). The ring will then capture and tap the magical powers of Jupiter. Combined use of the gems, white and yellow sapphire on madhyama and anamika respectively will work like magic because you will then summon the magical powers of the two great benefices?one is the planet of all pleasures and the other is the planet of success.

It is said that the gem, cat's eye has the power to give life to a closed or dead business. Cat's eye is the gem for Ketu who is exalted in Sagittarius. If the gem is fitted in a steel or gold ring during the time when Ketu will be in Sagittarius, it will then capture and tap the magical powers of Ketu, as Ketu is said to acquire considerable strength and power when it comes in Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet of success and its gem is yellow sapphire. Its beneficial rays are also essential for getting success in business. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. If its gem, the yellow sapphire is fitted in gold or tin during the time when Jupiter will be in Cancer, it can then capture and tap the magical powers of Jupiter most effectively. Combined use of cat's eye and yellow sapphire will work like magic and these two gems will give life to any closed or dead business. You will then be successful in all your business activities.

The Moon is called the mother of all human beings on earth. A mother naturally protects her child in every respect. Moonstone is the gem of the Moon and this is called the life-saver and life-giver. The Moon governs the first seven years of a man's life. If your child wears a moonstone he will be free from all diseases. But during winter months, the moonstone should be removed and red coral used. The Moon is exalted in Taurus. If white pearl pr moonstone is fitted into a silver ring during the time when the Moon will be in Taurus during gochara movement, it can then capture and tap the magical powers of the Moon most effectively. If you wear a white pearl fitted in silver when the Moon is well-accepted by Jupiter (the planet of success), you will be pleasant, cheerful and honored by others; you will be able to make journeys safely; your wealth will also increase and your health will be good. The essential requirement is that this ring should be made only during the time when the Moon will be expected by Jupiter in Taurus.

Some astrologers opine that you can also master the planetary forces in fact by concentrating on their characteristic symbols. The influence of a planet can be magically captured through the use of things which are directly linked with a planet. By using red coral, red cloth, red thread and the use of the number 9, you can tap the magical forces of Mars. Beneficial rays of Mars are essential to gain success in examination, for curing high fevers and also for early marriage in life. By using black cloth, black thread, black pearl and the use of the number 8, you can tap the magical influence of Saturn and so on. Beneficial rays of Saturn are absolutely essential for higher studies and research work, as Saturn gives perfection and sophistication in every field of work. Without its blessing, higher studies would not be possible. Its gem is blue sapphire and this is required to be fitted in lead or silver only during the time when Saturn will be at Libra (its exalted sign) during gochara movement.

It will then be possible to capture the magical powers of Saturn most effectively.

Another way of capturing planetary influences in an effective way is to wear the gem on the day and in the hour of the appropriate planet. Each day and each hour has its planetary ruler. Sunday is ruled by the Sun, Monday is ruled by the Moon, Tuesday by Mars, Wednesday by Mercury, Thursday by Jupiter, Friday by Venus and Saturday by Saturn. The planet which rules the day rules the first hour after sun-rise and the succeeding hours of day-light are ruled by the other planets in the following order:

1.         Sun

2.         Venus

3.         Mercury

4.         Moon

5.         Saturn

6.         Jupiter

7.         Mars

The first hour after sunset is ruled by the planet which is 5th in order from the planet which rules the day.

A waning Moon is unfavorable for starting any good projects. Avoid doing any good work when the Moon is almost obscure. Nothing should be attempted when the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun, as this position causes all projects to fail. But black magicians or sorcerers prefer to perform their activities only when the Moon is on the wane. Waning Moon favors their activities as they always try to do evil.

It is said that good and evil forces are embedded in the womb of time. There is a good time to sow and a good time to reap. This is the main point for consideration. Otherwise evil influences will mar or destroy all your projects. The Moon thus plays a vital role in fixing auspicious times and her transits on auspicious places and over benefices are considered most auspicious. As the Moon governs the mind and mental structure, her transits on malefic houses and over malefic planets will naturally disturb your mind and thus affect projects. A waxing Moon is always favorable for doing any good work.

It is said that no auspicious work should, be undertaken when Mars is in the 8th house or Venus in the 6th as these positions are highly injurious. This is especially effective in case of fixing marriage time. Mars and Rahu are too evil when in 2, 8, 9th houses the from-Moon sign during gochara movement. So no auspicious work should be undertaken during that period.

Some astrologers opine that planetary spirits can be summoned or planetary influences can be attracted by the use of 'images' which are real or mental pictures intended to express the planet's nature. The most popular image of the Sun is drawn by a highly spirited man driving a chariot drawn by seven horses. These seven horses represent the seven prime colors of the solar spectrum i.e. VIBGYOR. The image of the Moon is depicted by a fine young man driving a chariot drawn by five horses. These five horses represent our five senses. Though the Moon is called the queen of the universe; no picture of her in the capacity of the queen of the universe is available from our ancient scripts. The image of Mercury is depicted by a spirited young man with four hands sitting on the back of a lion and so on. It is said that by concentrating your attention on the popular images of the planets, you can capture and tap the magical influences of the planets in removing your suffering. This can be done also by meditating on the images of the planets.

Students sometimes become ill or depressed due to overwork and this is because of the fact that 'thought and study' belong to Saturn who rules the melancholy temperament and is antagonistic to the vital forces of life and youth. Overworked students, patients and elderly people whose vital forces are on the wane should try to lure powerful influences from the favorable planets Jupiter, Venus and Mars. This can be done by wearing gems for them.

To gain health and happiness, for instance, an image of Venus-a picture of a beautiful young girl dressed in white or yellow and holding flowers and apples may be kept in one's bedroom. You can bring down her magical influence even by meditating on it every morning. But the best way to get planetary blessings is to meditate on the image of goddess Durga (Mahamaya) and to offer prayers to her. Prayer is the greatest power available to the individual in solving his personal problems. A sincere prayer is unfailing in its effects. It is said that actual power is generated by prayer. Prayer is the mightiest power in the world.

There are some important points which are worth noting with regard to the position of planets in different houses at your birth-chart. There will be brisk activity in the affairs of the house occupied by Mars (the planet of activity) and probably there will be disagreements, disputes and loss through them. If Mars is posited in the 2nd house, the native may earn sufficient money, but at the same time he may also have to incur heavy losses.

If Jupiter (the planet of expansion) is in the first house (denoting health and body), you may put on weight (fat) in the years ahead and if Saturn (the planet of restriction) is in the 6th house (sources of gain) people who owe you money will be reluctant to pay up.

Good aspects to the Moon, the ruler of women will improve your relations with women. Adverse aspects to Mercury in your horoscope may cause you to be absent-minded, make clerical mistakes, give people the wrong change or say the wrong things.

There will be minor changes in the affairs of the house occupied by the Moon, because the Moon rules over petty fluctuations. Suppose she is in the 4th house, the native may not change his residence too frequently and moreover there is every possibility that he may acquire a new house of his own.

A planet is said to possess maximum power when it comes in the ascendant or 10th house during transit. In order to attract and summon greater magical influence of the planets, rings should be made during that time. Again, rings should be set in the following materials in order to make them more powerful and effective.

Planetary influences can be summoned according to one's date of birth:

Date of birth                                         Gems

1,10,19,28                               ruby or garnet

2, 11, 20, 29                            moonstone

3, 12, 21, 30                            emerald or green tourmaline

4, 13, 22, 31                            diamond, zircon, white coral

5, 14, 23                                  diamond or white sapphire

6, 15, 24                                  red coral

7, 16, 25                                  cat's eye

8, 17, 26                                  blue sapphire

9, 18, 27                                  red coral

Before wearing any gem, the ring should be dipped in raw milk for at least 3 hours in order to remove impurities. But red coral should be dipped in soap water and ruby in lemon juice for at least 3 hours, in order to make them pure.

Nature of stars - Destiny and Astrology

Birth-stars shapes our fate and destiny. It will be advantageous to strengthen the hands of the ruler of your birth-star by wearing gems for him.


Aswini (Ruler-Ketu) Aries 0' to 13-12'.

Diseases: Injury in the head, concussion in the brain, thrombosis, nose-bleed, fainting, epilepsy, dizziness, neuralgia, insomnia, meningitis, intestinal and stomach troubles.

Nature: devagan, first son may be sickly, avaricious, extravagant, dispute with brothers, fond of ornaments, service in factory or government departments.


Bharani (Ruler-Venus) Aries 13-20' to 25-40'

Diseases: brain-troubles, headache, meningitis, insomnia, high fevers.

Nature: naragan, aspiring, amorous, fond of sports, amusements, show, display, judge, laywer.


Kartikai (Ruler-Sun) Aries 26-40'  to  30' Taurus 0' to 10'.

Diseases: fevers, meningitis, brain-troubles, throat-troubles, nose-bleed, quinsey, gout, pimples.

Nature: good and robust health, energetic, argumentative ability, popular and prosperous, attraction to other's wives, loss of 3rd child.


Rohini (Ruler-Moon) Taurus 10' to 23-20'

Diseases: sore-throat, cough and cold, eye-troubles, ailments of legs and feet, apoplexy, menstrual trouble.

Nature: good nature, pleasant manners, fond of music, art and literature, enjoys the company of opposite sex, sweet-tongued, flamboyant, many sons.


Mrigasira (Ruler-Mars) Taurus 23-20' to 30' and Gemini 0' to 6-40'.

Diseases: throat-troubles, adenoids, fevers, nose-bleed, polypus, arms fracture, disorders of secret parts, gout.

Nature: unhappy conjugal life, quick-witted, fluent, magnetic, industrious and wealthy, danger of accidents.


Adra (Ruler-Rahu) Gemini 6-40' to 20'.

Diseases: throat troubles, mumps, gout, ear-troubles, red eyes, urinary troubles.

Nature: active, fond of company of other's wives, sweet-tongued, danger of accidents.


Punarvasu (Ruler-Jupiter) Gemini 20' to 30'. Cancer 0" to 3-20'.

Diseases: pleurisy, bronchitis, dropsy, stomach-troubles, dyspepsia, lung-troubles, headache, pains in the body, eye troubles.

Nature: sharp intellect, good memory, honest, sincere, reliable, devagana, fond of business, afraid of girls.


Pushyam (Ruler-Saturn) Cancer 3-20' to 16-40'.

Diseases: consumption, gastric ulcer, respiratory troubles, gallstones, obstruction in the bowels, jaundice, eczema, pyorrhoea.

Nature: prudent, economical, sober, careful, attentive, troubles through children.


Aslesha (Ruler-Mercury) Cancer 16-40:' to 30'.

Diseases: stomach, diseases of legs and knees, hysteria, dropsy, jaundice, neurosis.

Nature: harsh speech, witty, versatile, can imitate others, rakhasgana, finding fault with others, jealous, clever.


Makam (Ruler Ketu) Leo-0' to 13-20'.

Diseases: Heart troubles, backache, gravel in kidneys, fainting, spinal meningitis.

Nature: defensive, forceful, proud, unhappy conjugal life.


Poorvaphalguni (Ruler-Venus)  Leo-13-20'to 26 40'.

Diseases: heart troubles, diseases of legs and ankles, blood-pressure, gout, lumbago, sciatica, operation.

Nature: generous, honest, cautious, fond of sweets, over-sexy, fond of company women, fond of eating.


Utarphalguni (Ruler-Sun) Virgo 0' to 10'.

Diseases: intestinal and  bowel disorders, sore-throat, gout.

Nature: naragan, first child daughter, tactful, mother longlived, separation from children in old age, more than one wife, loss of money through women.


Hastam (Ruler-Moon) Virgo 10' to 23-20'.

Diseases: stomach troubles, Vitamin deficiency, eye-troubles, gout, worms, diarrhoea,dysentery, neuralgia, jaundice, skin-troubles.

Nature: loss of third child, devagan, magician, astrologer, industrious, prudent, thievish.


Chitra (Ruler-Mars) Virgo 23-20' to 30'.

Diseases: bowel disorders, worms, fevers, wounds from animals, skin troubles.

Nature: fond of drinking, bold and courageous, troubles through first son, quarrelsome.


Swati (Ruler-Rahu) Libra 6-40' to 20'.

Diseases: urinary troubles, eczema, skin troubles, leprosy, tooth-ache.

Nature: Loose temper, fond of luxuries, extravagant, troubles through children, clever in speech.


Visakam (Ruler-Jupiter) Libra 20 to 30'.

Diseases: renal abscess, skin eruption, diabetes, kidney trouble, headache, fevers.

Nature: ungrateful, faith in God, talented, broad-minded, short-tempered, troubles in getting higher education, loss of first wife.


Anuradha (Ruler-Saturn) Scorpio 3-20' to 16-44'.

Diseases: menstrual troubles with severe pain and poor bleeding, constipation, piles, nasal-catarrh, sore throat, hipbone fracture, stomach troubles.

Nature: fond of travel, grave, cruel, vindictive, aisnonest, troubles through children.

Jyestha (Ruler-Mercury) Scorpio 16-40' to 30.' Diseases leucorrhoea,  bleeding piles,   fistula, bowel   disorders, pain in arms and shoulders.

Nature: ingenius, bold, witty, poisonous tongue, will not have many friends, energetic.

Moolam (Ruler-Ketu) Sagittarius 0' to 13-20'. Diseases rheumatism,   sciatica,   lumbago,   hip    diseases, pulmonary troubles.

Nature: rakhasgana, noble, honest and God-fearing.


Poorvashada (Ruler-Venus) Sagittarius 13-20' to 26-40'.

Diseases: sciatica, diabetes, gout, lung-disorders, lumbago, hip-knee disorders.

Nature: over-liberal and broad-minded, optimistic.


Uttarshada (Ruler-Sun) Sagittarius 26-40' to 30'.

Diseases: sciatica, eye-troubles, disorders of limbs, consumption, gout, toothache.

Nature: religious-minded, cheerful and benevolent, few sons, many daughters, fond of travel.


Sravana (Ruler-Moon) Capricorn 10' to 23-20'.

Diseases: skin    troubles,   gout,   stomach troubles, heart troubles, consumption.

Nature: God-fearing, fond of astrology, sweet-natured.


Dhanistha (Ruler-Mars) Capricorn 23-20'-to 30' Aquarius 0' to 6-40'.

Diseases: diseases of leg-bones, cough and cold, heart troubles, fainting, respiratory diseases, indigestion.

Nature: fond of eating, quarrelsome, short-tempered, sincere, impotent, unhappy conjugal life, separation from wife, sexually weak.

Satabhisha (Ruler-Rahu) Aquarius 6-40' to 20' Diseases heart-trouble,  gout,  arthritis, high-blood pressure, fracture of hip bones, palpitation, eye-troubles.

Nature: lazy, fond of leisure, angry, cruel, sickly wife, troubles in old age.


Poorvabhadrapada   (Ruler-Jupiter)    Aquarius 20'  to 30' Pisces 0, to 3-20'.

Diseases: diseases of private parts, eye-troubles, small-pox, heart troubles, low blood pressure, dropsy.

Nature: short-tempered, fond of friends, honest and sincere.


Uttarbhadrapada (Ruler-Saturn) PiJces 3-20' to 16-40'

Diseases: toothache, fevers, small-pox rheumatism, stomach disorders, consumption, dropsy.

Nature: sickly wife, troubles through children, desire to help the poor and invalid.


Rebathi (Ruler-Mercury) Pisces 16-40'  to 30'

Diseases: stomach disorders, feet-disorders, gout, cramps, deafness, ear-diseases, dysentery, tooth-troubles.

Nature: licentious, clever, religious.

Evil houses

The house 6, 8, 12th are called evil houses or dusthanas. Planets posited therein are weakened and lose their power and strength considerably. Venus in the 6th and 8th becomes too weak and makes the native also feeble and weak. If the native does not wear white coral he can't proceed. The Moon in the 6th and 8th becomes dangerously evil. If you do not wear white pearl, you can't move. Mercury also becomes too weak when posited in 6, 8, 12th house and he requires to be strengthened. Similarly, Mars and Rahu in 2, 8 , 9th causes too many troubles in life. The Sun or Ketu in 5, 7, 8th causes anxiety. Benefices in the 3rd and 6th also give tremendous trouble. You have to seek protection from such evil results and if you strengthen them by wearing gems for them, you can acquire sound health and happiness in life. These are the simple and basic principles of astrology. You have to fulfill two requirements with jyotish gems:

1. Wear the gem of ruling planet for birth-star.

2. Wear the gem for planets posited in 6, 8, 12th houses

If you follow this rule, you will then realize that there is magic in gems.


Everything else depends upon your past karma. What you have done in your past life, you will have to reap its harvests in the present life. What you are doing in the present life, you will have to feel its consequences in your next life. This is the law of karma and none can escape from it. Fate is inevitable. Spiritual discipline is therefore, imperative to one and all.


Retrograde Planets

All planets have direct motion i.e. clockwise motion round the zodiac. Sometimes planets appear to have backward motion due to the relative position and motion of the earth. When a planet instead of having a direct forward motion appears to recede in the zodiac i.e., has a backward motion, it is called retrograde. This state is indicated by the letter 'R* in the ephemeris. Retrograde or Vakra may be termed an affliction, A planet when retrograde, if not combust, is deemed to be strong. He is considered strong though he be in his debilitation or in an enemy's sign. Retrogression or vakrabala makes a planet unusual or perverse in results, however well disposed or otherwise.

The Sun and Moon are never retrograde. The Sun and Mars get chestabala (extremely powerful) when posited in the signs from Capricorn to Gemini which constitutes Uttarayan (North). Venus and the Moon are powerful in the Dakhinayan (South) i.e. from Cancer to Sagittarius. Planets in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th from the Sun are retrograde. Again all planets become retrograde when they are in the 5th place from the Sun and become directly retrograde when they move into 9th place.

Mercury is retrograde three times in a year: Saturn and Jupiter every year for some months: Mars and Venus once in about two years. Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde i.e. they always move in backward direction (left-hand side of the zodiac). It is said that from Aquarius to Taurus, Mercury moves along with the Sun, from Gemini to Virgo before the Sun and from Libra to Capricorn after the Sun. There are, therefore, three occasions during a year when Mercury crosses and re-crosses the path of the Sun causing retrogression. Mars, Saturn and Jupiter become retrograde when posited in the 6th, 7th and 8th from the Sun. Mercury and Venus are retrograde anywhere within 15 from the Sun?their maximum distance away from the Sun is only 29' and 47' respectively.

It is said that malefic planets in retrogression will always give bad-and unfavorable results. Benefic planets when retrograde will always provide good and auspicious results.

A planet in retrogression, it is said, gives the effects of its position, in the previous house i.e., the house from which it recedes. Opinion is divided on this point. Some astrologers opine that it gives the results of the house into which it recedes back and not of the previous house. It is also said that Saturn when retrograde gives the results of the previous house up to the first 5 months (from the date of retrogression), Mars for 15 days, Mercury for 10 days, Jupiter 45 days, Venus 10 days and thereafter they usually produce the results of the house in which they recede back. Some astrologers opine that Jupiter and Mercury only give the results of the previous house all along during retrogression.

Their periods of stay while in retrogression are not always the same. Saturn remains retrograde for about 5 months, Mercurv and Venus for 2 months, Jupiter for 4 months and Mars for 8 months. Rahu and Ketu remain always retrograde. The Sun and Moon never become .retrograde. Retrogression planets become extremely strong, beneficially; they usually produce notable results like elevation in rank, and position, financial success, name and fame etc.

Mantreswara in his Phaladeepika has at several places extolled the virtues of a retrograde planet and has equated a retrograde planet with an exalted planet in strength and effects even though he be in an enemy's sign or in debilitating sign. But Saravali, on the other hand, has stated that benefices are greatly powerful when retrograde and cause Raj Yoga but malefic when retrograde cause fruitless Journeys, wanderings. and misery. Mahadeva in his Jataka-Tattava has also stated that benefices when retrograde give wealth and splendor while malefic in retrogression cause many troubles and misery. The dictum of Sanketa-Nidhi is that in retrogression, Mars gives the effects of the 3rd house from his position, Mercury of the 4th, Jupiter of the 5th, Venus of the 7th and Saturn of the 9th.

Some astrologers opine that retrogression of a planet is deemed to be a source of strength and is possessed of bright rays in the state of retrogression. Further, it has been stated in all classical texts that one of the sources of strength of a planet is its chestabala (motional strength) which is maximum when a planet is retrograde. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in retrogression or in conjunction with the full Moon gets chestabala i.e. they become extremely powerful during retrogression. If Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Saturn are conjoined with Mars at any house, they are said to be defeated in the planetary fight, and get chestabala.

Saturn and Mars when retrograde would not only cause miseries and physical disabilities but also they would sometimes give notably good results. Saturn when retrograde would appear to be a great yogakaraka and give notably good results.

Saturn becomes extremely powerful if posited in the western side of the zodiac. Usually he gets digbala (directional strength) if posited in the West. Retrograde Saturn if posited in the ascendant (especially in the Eastern side), at a birth-chart, causes havoc. It is a great danger to the longevity of the native. It is because of the fact that malefic planets in retrogression will always give bad results. Saturn becomes too weak and utterly powerless if oriental or eastern. The first house represents health and body and so retrograde Saturn if posited in the lagna causes premature death.

Jupiter and Mercury are powerful in the East. They get digbala (directional strength) when Oriental or Eastern. Jupiter when retrograde in the eastern side of the zodiac gives notably good results.


Alphabetic list of illnesses and their therapeutic gems  (please do also consult with a practical doctor)


It is a condition of over-acidity resulting from abnormal and excessive production of acid in the body, often accompanied by poor elimination. The most common symptoms of this ailment are headache, rapid breathing, debility and a characteristic sweetish odor to the breath. This condition occurs in advanced diabetes or prolonged diarrhea, in which the body loses sodium bicarbonate. Patients with severe acidosis may gasp for breath, go into a coma and even die. This is because the carbon dioxide content of the blood regulates the breathing process.

Stellar patterns: When Jupiter is afflicted at birth-chart by Saturn, Ketu or Venus or the Moon at Cancer or Virgo, this disease appears. Jupiter is the main planet as he controls the liver.

Gem therapy: Wear emerald or green tourmaline on middle finger and yellow sapphire on anamika. Moonstone on tarjani may be used as additional gem in acute cases.


This is a skin disorder. Eruption of pimples is known as Acne. Seborrhea affects the nose, cheeks, forehead, chin and sometimes even the eye. Older people are common victims of this disease. The advice of a competent physician should be sought early.

Stellar patterns: It appears when Venus or Ketu is heavily afflicted in Aries Libra or Capricon.

Gem therapy: Use white coral on madhyama along with blue sapphire on kanistha.


Certain substances produce allergy in certain patients. Astrology explains that it is due to Mars, who gives heat in the body. It reacts badly if Mars is found posited in the 1-4-7-8-12th houses of the birth-chart. Those who have Mars in any one of the above houses should take adequate precautions regarding allergies. Also certain foods which produce excessive heat in the system, viz., eggs, meat alcohol, prawns, etc., produce allergy if taken by those who have Mars in any of the houses mentioned above.

Gem therapy: The best remedy for this type of disease is to use cold stones like lime moonstone, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire and emerald or green tourmaline to make the body cool. The parts of the body in which allergic reactions most often show up are the skin, bronchial tree nose and digestive system. Common allergic disorders are hives (urticaria), eczema, hay fever, drug rashes, bronchial asthma and headache. Some allergies are apparently hereditary and others are acquired. Even minute quantities of an allergen can set off a violent reaction. The way to prevent allergy is to identify the offending allergen and avoid it.


This is an old world commonly associated with the chills and fever sensations produced by malaria. Metallic fumes, poisons also can produce similar symptoms.

Stellar patterns: Mars is responsible for producing this trouble. Absence of red rays in the body causes this disease.

Gem therapy: Used red coral on anamika of the right hand  or a copper ring, red thread or red cloth around the right hand.


Enlargement of the lymphoid tissue in the throat and back of the nose is a condition known as adenoids. Children often have enlarged adenoids which may block the nasal passage-ways causing mouth breathing and encouraging colds, sinus infection and ear infections.

Stellar patterns: Mars during transit when passing through Taurus Scorpio or Libra may cause this disease. It is purely a Mars disease.

Gem therapy:  Used red coral in on anamika.

Amnesia or weak memory

It means a partial or total loss of memory and forgetfulness of past experience. It is attended by an inability to remember words. Morbid changes in brain tissues are usually responsible for this condition.

Stellar patterns: The most common cause is when the Sun is afflicted by Mercury in Aries or when Mercury is afflicted by the Sun in Aries.

Gem therapy:  Use red coral and green tourmaline or emerald jointly.


It is the swelling or inflammation of the worm shaped appendix, a small finger like projection from the large bowel. It indicates severe pain in the belly. The basic treatment for appendicitis is surgery i.e., removal of the diseased appendix.

Stellar patterns: Mars is the chief causative plant for appendicitis. Mars if afflicted by Saturn or Rahu in Virgo or Scorpio may give rise to this disease.

Gem therapy: Use red coral and yellow sapphire.


It is caused through inflammation of the joints with severe pain. It is a metabolic disease in which the body fails to get rid of uric acid. The excess uric acid may crystallize in deposits in various parts of the body especially in the cartilages inside the joints. This can be arrested by reducing the body weight, by taking less protein foods and by doing hard work. Application of heat by means of hot-water bags is the best treatment for painful joints. Nowadays it is cured by acupuncture. Astrologically, the planet Saturn is the chief malefic agent in the development of arthritis; especially when he is posited in the 6th house and is ill-accepted by Mars. The 10th house of the zodiac i.e., Capricorn rules over the knee joints. Rahu or Saturn here causes deformities and cramps in knees and arthritis . the 9th house of zodiac i.e., Sagittarius governs the hips and thighs. Saturn or Rahu causes gout, rheumatism, sciatica etc. Mercury here causes the same trouble.

Gem therapy: Use yellow sapphire.


It is a very serious disease. The bronchial tubes are narrowed by spasmodic contractions and they secrete an excess of mucous which makes breathing difficult. The patient wheezes and coughs. Asthmatic patients usually suffer from insomnia.

Stellar patterns: Saturn is the chief planet which causes this trouble. Saturn is responsible for all sorts of chronic and lingering diseases. When Saturn afflicts the 4th house from the ascendant or Leo, the person becomes liable for asthmatic complaints. It is practically an incurable disease. Medicines have failed miserably to give a complete cure. It is a hereditary disease. Mercury also plays an important part here as he governs the brain-nerves.

Gem therapy: Use emerald or green tourmaline, yellow sapphire. Moonstone may be used as an additional gem in acute cases.


It is one of the most common complaints. Its causes are very difficult to identify. Some say that is wholly psychological. It is also caused by deep- seated mental stress. Standing or sitting in a peculiar position all day at work is one of the common causes of backache. Straining the back by sudden twisting, jerking, lifting of heavy weights etc., also cause this trouble.

Stellar patterns: Saturn gives all sorts of pain, sorrow and misery. The sign Libra rules our back. So any affliction of this sign by any malefic may give rise to this disease.

Gem therapy: Use red coral, green tourmaline and yellow sapphire.


It is a condition of general discomfort, popularly attributed to an excess of bile in the system. It is a kind of liver trouble.

Stellar patterns: Jupiter controls the liver; Mercury governs abdominal nerves. Mars in Cancer causes biliousness. The Moon in Virgo afflicted by Saturn gives this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use blue sapphire and emerald or moonstone and with coral.

Bladder trouble

The bladder is a collapsible balloon like sac composed of smooth muscle and lined with a smooth membrane. It is the reservoir for urine. It is situated in the front part of the pelvic cavity. Bladder trouble is usually indicated by difficulties or abnormalities in passing urine. Excessive urine output may be taken as an indication of diabetes. Scanty urination or suppression of urine may cause serious kidney trouble. Painful urination may indicate stones in the bladder, or enlargement of the prostate gland. Too frequent urination may be result of mental anxiety. Urine should flow easily, regularly and painlessly. In case of any abnormalities, expert medical opinion may be sought.

Stellar patterns: The signs Libra and Scorpio rule over our urinary system. Mars in Scorpio afflicted by any malefic may give rise to bladder trouble. Malefic in the 7th or 8th house may also give rise to this disease.

Gem therapy: Red coral and yellow sapphire or white coral and moonstone.


It is caused by fevers (fever blisters of the lips), from burns, chemicals, acids, etc. It is nothing but limited collection of fluids under the skin. Painful blisters can be relieved by puncturing them with a sterile needle passed through a flame. Then apply iodine.

Stellar patterns: Mars is responsible for all type of burns, blisters, boils, wounds etc. All sorts of wounds can be quickly cured by injecting red rays into the body and this can be done simply by using red cloth, red thread, red coral, copper, etc.

Gem therapy: Use red coral, red thread or copper ring. Side by side, medicine should be taken because gems are generally used as a second line of defense against any disease.


A simple boil has a single core and may be no more than a pimple. More serious is a mass of boils, close together and with several cores called a carbuncle. People with diabetes and kidney trouble are especially subject to repeated attacks of boils. Bad blood does not cause them. Boils are more or less painful. Boils should not be indiscriminately pinched or squeezed - specially those on the face or in the ear.

Stellar patterns: It is caused by excessive heat in the body. Mars is the chief planet which causes this trouble. Mars during transit when passing through fiery signs may cause this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use moonstone or blue sapphire.


It is a kind of lung disease which is caused by the inflammation of bronchial tubes. It is usually accompanied by common cold and fever. It may result from breathing in irritating gases, fumes or dust and from exposure to cold. It generally occurs during the winter months or during a change of season. A thick purulent fluid is often raised from the lungs by coughing. Sometimes dry cough may also occur. Young children run the greatest risk of bronchitis. Acute bronchitis usually begins with frequent bouts of coughing, more severe at night that bring on chest pains. Other symptoms are fever and difficult breathing.

Stellar patterns: It is purely a Mars disease. Mars or the Sun during transit or gochara movement when coming into Gemini, Leo or Aquarius if afflicted by Saturn or Rahu causes bronchitis.

Gem therapy: Use red coral on anamika or tarjani.


It is inflammation to the lips and sometimes corners of the mouth. It can be caused by sunburn, lipstick or chemical irritants. The diagnosis and treatment of skin troubles is tricky and requires expert medical judgment.

Stellar patterns: Mars causes all inflammations in the body. Mars when it comes in Libra or Taurus during gochara move­ment causes this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use red coral or a copper ring.


It is called sore bowels. It is caused by the inflammation of the intestines with severe pain. Bowel inflammation can result from infection with a specific germ. In some cases, the patient may develop an acute or chronic form of ulcerative colitis, which produces severe diarrhea. This can be a recur­ring disease, sometimes turning fatal. Irritation of the bowel is often the result of food poisoning. Overdoses of some antibiotic drugs may also upset the bowels.

Stellar patterns: Saturn or Mars in the 6th or 12th house of the zodiac, i.e., Virgo and Pisces, may give rise to this trouble. Mars in Cancer also produces this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use emerald or green tourmaline and moonstone.

Color blindness

This is a hereditary disease and is incurable. It occurs most commonly in males rather than in females but is usually passed on from mother to son. The patient becomes unable to distinguish between red and green.

Stellar patterns : The Sun and the Moon are responsible for all sorts of eye troubles. The 2nd and 12th houses from the ascendant govern our right and left eyes respectively. Any affliction of these two houses may give rise to this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use red coral and white pearl.

Common cold (sensitivity to)

It is certainly the most common infection that affects one. The cold has several medical names, viz., coryza, catarrh, upper respiratory infection, rhinitis and nasopharyngitis.

Stellar patterns: It is caused by the Moon and Saturn. Climatic changes are also responsible for this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use hessonite garnet


It is the inability to have a bowel movement. It is a symp­tom -and not a disease. It causes weariness, headache, vomit­ing etc. However, accumulation of waste products in the lower reaches of the bowel will cause self-poisoning.

Stellar patterns: Saturn is responsible for all obstructions and contractions in the body. He obstructs free bowel move­ments when in affliction. But Mars removes all waste-products from the body and cleanses it by driving away waste materials from the body. Mars also causes frequent bowel movements (diarrhea) Saturn in Cancer and Virgo or in the 6th house causes serious constipation.

Gem therapy: Use rhodolite.


Croup is a word that is commonly used for various kinds of laryngitis in children. This is usually a hoarse, ringing, barking cough. This occurs suddenly during the evening.

Stellar patterns : Mars is the chief planet which causes this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use red coral.

Deafness (impaired hearing)

Some people are born deaf while others become deaf later on from infections, accidents, diseases, aging and possibly here­ditary tendencies. Total deafness is rare; partial deafness is coalmen. Loss of hearing may be temporary or permanent. Formation of spongy bones in the middle and inner ear may produce deafness in middle life.
Stellar patterns: The 3rd and 11th house from the ascen­dant govern our right and left ears respectively. The signs Gemini and Aquarius, the 3rd and 11th house of the zodiac, also govern our right and left ears respectively. Any affliction of the 3rd or 11th houses by malefic may give rise to this trouble. Saturn governs all dry regions in our body, viz., bones, teeth, ear-drums, hair roots. Of the five senses, Saturn governs hearing. So Saturn is the malefic agent which causes this trouble. Mercury is the ruler of the sign Gemini and so it also plays an important role. Mercury governs the ear nerves.
Gem therapy: Use red coral and green tourmaline on madhyama


Mental illness means temporary distortions of mental faculties such as memory and power of concentration.  It does not mean real and permanent deterioration of the intellect. Mental illness is not mental deficiency' but temporary disloca­tion of mental faculties and losing one's grip. Many people who suffer from mental illness are far above normal in intel­ligence. There are multiple causes for mental illness but the main causes are

(1) damage to the brain,

(2)  worry and anxie­ty,

(3) damage or destruction of mental nerves,

(4) head in­juries,

(5) syphilitic infections,

(6) tumors,

(7) clogging or hard­ening of arteries of the brain, 

(8) addiction to drugs  

Nervous breakdown is a popular term applied to mental illness which incapacitates a person and removes him from normal and usual sphere of activities. Other evil results are loss of memory, insomnia, loss of appetite, permanent loss of mental ability, sterility in women.   Efforts are required to be made to lead a balanced life, including work, play, love and worship. Mental illness may be of various kinds like mania, hysteria, neurasthenia and   insanity. Insanity and mental illness, though related, are not the same thing.

Stellar patterns: The Moon, Mercury and Saturn are the three main mental rulers. The 3rd and 9th houses from the ascendant are the mental signs. The signs Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius also rule over our mind and mental structure. Any affliction of these signs and houses by malefic will give rise to mental disturbances. Even simple association of Saturn or Rahu with the Moon causes mental ailments. When Mars afflicts the Sun or Mercury in Gemini or Virgo, the native will invariably suffer from lunacy.

Gem therapy: Use emerald or green tourmaline, moonstone and yellow sap­phire.  


Skin troubles are technically known as dermatitis. Skin in­flammations, rashes and pustules may arise from systematic infections, of the body-the assault from the inside. Among the systematic diseases which write their signature on the skin are smallpox, chickenpox, measles, scarlet fever and syphilis. Treatment of skin troubles like ringworm, eczema, boils, erysipelas, hives, itching vitiligo, and allergy require expert medical advice.

Stellar patterns: Venus is responsible for all skin troubles. When she is heavily afflicted in Aries, Libra or Capricorn by malefic, this disease appears. Jupiter if afflicted in Capricorn causes eczema and skin troubles. Ketu in Capricorn if afflict­ed gives skin disorders and leprosy.

Gem therapy: Use white diamond, sapphire or zircon.


It is one of the common diseases that gives us trouble very often. In summer months, everyone suffers from diarrhea. Usual symptoms of this disease are loose bowels or frequent bowel movements along with stomach-ache. The causes are numerous, such as over-eating, food poisoning, emotional stress, absence of any physical activity, change of weather, eating stale food. Expert medical advice is required to be sought at the time of attack.

Stellar patterns: When Mars comes in Cancer or Virgo during gochara movement; everyone suffers from diarrhea. Malefic in Cancer or Virgo may give rise to this trouble. The 4th and 6th house of the zodiac governs our stomach. So any affliction of these two houses will produce stomach troubles.

Gem therapy: Use emerald and yellow sapphire or moon­stone.

Digestive disorders

The digestive system consists of a long tube about 24 to 36 feet long, winding through the body from the mouth to the anus. Any disorder of this system will result in diarrhea, dysentery etc.

Stellar patterns: The Sun governs the gastric glands which secrete digestive juices and in the absence of clear rays of the Sun, our digestion suffers. The Sun is the chief planet for digestion, and its rays are essential for proper and good diges­tion. During the rainy season, when the sky remains cloudy, digestive disorders invade our body.

Gem therapy : Use emerald and yellow sapphire or moon­stone.

Diseases of the feet

Saturn is the chief planet which causes foot disorders. Common foot troubles are corns, calluses, bunions, blisters, chilblains, ringworm, excessive sweating, etc. The feet are also subject to fracture, dislocations, sprains, bruises and strains, often as a result of athletic injuries.

Stellar patterns: Saturn or Venus in the 6th house may give rise to this trouble. Malefics in Pisces also cause this trouble. Rahu or Ketu in the 1st house and Saturn in the 7th house give this trouble. Malefic in Aquarius and Capricorn cause foot troubles.

Gem therapy: Use hessonite garnet.

Diseases of the nose

The nose is subject to malformation, accident, infection, new growths and other damage. There may be a running nose, the stuffed-up nose, the red nose, the bloody nose, and the misshapen nose. A running nose is the first sign of the com­mon cold. The stuffed-up nose is an inability to breathe effecti­vely through the nose. A red nose is the result of chronic in­flammation of the nostrils, chronic indigestion.

Stellar patterns: The Moon in the 6th house or Saturn in the 8th house or a combination of Mars, Saturn or Rahu in Taurus may give rise to this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use red coral or yellow sapphire.


Inability to withhold the flow of urine is known as dribbling. It is a sign of bladder trouble or kidney trouble.

Stellar patterns: The signs Libra and Scorpio rule over the kidney and bladder. Venus governs the kidneys, bladder and generative system. Mars governs the external sex organs. When any one of these two planets are afflicted in Libra or Scorpio, bladder troubles may arise.

Gem therapy:  Use white coral or red coral.


It is the excessive accumulation of fluid in the body tissues. It is now associated with the disorders of the heart, blood vessels or kidneys. Swollen ankles and a swollen abdomen are common symptoms of dropsy.

Stellar patterns: Jupiter afflicted in Cancer or Pisces causes dropsy. Ketu heavily afflicted in Cancer or Pisces gives dropsy.

Gem therapy: Use yellow sapphire.


It is a kind of stomach disorder characterized by abdo­minal pain, belly-ache, diarrhea, bloody-stools, mucus-filled stools etc. It is called amoebae (amebic dysentery) and bacteria (bacillary dysentery). It denotes irritation of bowels and pain in the stomach with frequent bowel movements.

Stellar patterns: Mercury plays an important role in causing this disease. Mars when coming into Cancer or Virgo causes this trouble. The 4th and 6th houses of the zodiac rule over our stomach. Any affliction of these two houses by malefic will give rise to this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use green tourmaline and yellow sapphire or moon­stone.


Painful menstruation is known as dysmenorrheal. It usually develops in young women. It is also caused by hormone imbalance, tumors etc.

Stellar patterns: Mars or Saturn in Scorpio if afflicted gives this ailment. Mars when afflicted gives profuse bleed­ing. Saturn when afflicted gives scanty bleeding with severe pain.

Gem therapy: Use white and red coral jointly on madhyama and anamika respectively.

Eye problems

It may be temporary or permanent. The causes are infections and degenerative diseases of the eye, and accidents to the eye. The eyes are utilized as a mirror of disease elsewhere in the body.

Stellar patterns: The 2nd and 12th houses from the ascendant govern the right and left eyes respectively. The Sun controls the right eye and the moon the left eye. Any affliction to these two planets by Saturn in the 2nd or 12th house may give rise to eye trouble. The signs Taurus and Pisces also rule over the right and left eye respectively.

Gem therapy: Use ruby and white pearl.


The most common form of ear-trouble is the accumulation of wax in the ear which causes deafness, earache, ringing in the ear. The planet Saturn governs the ear and Mercury rules over ear nerves. The 3rd and 11th houses of the zodiac i.e. Gemini and Aquarius govern our right and left ears respec­tively. Of the five senses, Saturn governs hearing. When Mercury or Saturn is afflicted in the 3rd or 11th house, the native may suffer from this disease. Mercury in the 6th and Venus in the 10th cause deafness of right ear.

Gem therapy: Use emerald, green tourmaline and red coral.


It is a non-infectious skin disease characterized by inflam­mation, itchin. Its causes are food-allergy, exposure to toxic chemicals and mechanical irritants.

Stellar patterns: Venus governs the skin and when she is afflicted in Libra, or Capricorn, the native suffers from this trouble. Jupiter in Capricorn may also give rise to eczema.

Gem therapy:  Use white coral and yellow sapphire.


Bed wetting is called enuresis. It is the involuntary dis­charge of urine while sleeping. In children, the condition is due to psychological factors; it is often an unconscious attack against rejection and lack of tender loving care. The permanent cure lies in improving the parent-child relationship. Enuresis in adults results from bladder trouble or damage to the part of the nervous system that controls bladder func­tion.

Gem therapy: Use hessonite garnet and emerald.


It is characterized by sudden disturbances of brain function. The patient frequently goes into violent fits or convulsions. It also results in temporary loss of consciousness. It is not a hereditary disease. The chief causes are a brain injury, dis­eases in other organs reacting upon the brain, emotional disturbances and alcoholic excesses.

Stellar patterns:   The sign Aries governs the brain. Mars Controls the brain, Mercury the brain nerves, Moon the mind and mental structure.  Any affliction of these planets in Aries

by Rahu or Saturn may give rise to this trouble. Ketu in evil aspect to the Moon or Mercury in Aries gives rise to this trouble.
Gem therapy: Use green tourmaline and moonstone. Hessonite may be used if necessary.

It is a body temperature above normal body temperature of 98.6 Fahrenheit (taken orally). Fever is a sign of disease accompanied by other signs viz, a more rapid pulse, and changes in breathing, a feeling of chill, nausea and headache. In high fever, unconsciousness or delirium may take place. Fever may be of several types: malarial-fever, meningitis, typhoid, rheumatic fever, scarlet fever, yellow fever etc.

Stellar patterns: Mars gives all fevers and inflammations in the body. Absence of red rays causes fever. Anyhow, red rays are required to be injected into the body.

Gem therapy:  Use red garnet or ruby.


Frigidity in the female implies a lack of normal interest in or sometimes a definite aversion to sex play and sexual inter­course. The causes are usually psychological, based largely on childhood fears or frightening sex experiences in childhood and adolescence. With proper and adequate psychiatric treatment as well as the loving care of a husband, it is curable.

Stellar patterns: The 8th house of the zodiac i.e. Scorpio rules over the private parts. In female horoscopes, the Moon governs the mind, mental structure, breasts, ovary, uterus, fallopian tubes and sex organs. Saturn is responsible for coldness, loneliness, and melancholy and fear complex. Any affliction of Rahu or Saturn to the Moon in Scorpio or in the 7th or 8th house from the ascendant may give rise to this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use white sapphire on anamika and kanistha.


Small solid stones, composed of cholesterol, bile-pigment and lime which form in the gall-bladder and bile-duct are known as gall-stones. This causes inflammation of the gall­bladder and swelling of the bile-ducts. When they block the flow of bile, they cause jaundice and other troubles. The symptoms are pain, nausea, vomiting and slight fever, chronic indigestion.

Stellar patterns: Saturn in Leo with several planets in Capricorn at birth-chart may cause this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use green tourmaline. Yellow sap­phire or moonstone may be used in acute cases, as additional gems.

Gastric ulcer

A peptic ulcer is a breach or erosion in the inner linings and rarely, the entire wall of the stomach or the duodenum. A true stomach ulcer is called a gastric ulcer; the others are duodenal ulcers. From the standpoint of symptoms and treatment, they are pretty much alike. The causes of gastric ulcer are anxiety, worry, nervous tension, irregular eating, alcohol, spicy dishes, heavy pressure of work etc. An excess of hydrochloric acid in the stomach eats away sites of ulcer causing pain and other complications.

Stellar patterns: Saturn or Ketu if afflicted in Cancer or Virgo causes gastric ulcer. The Sun or Ketu in the 5th house from the ascendant if afflicted by Mars gives rise to this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use green tourmaline and yellow sapphire on the middle and 3rd finger respectively. Moonstone may be used as an additional gem in acute cases.

Glandular fever

It is a common complaint of young people. There is an exceptional increase in the number of white blood cells in the blood stream. The usual symptoms are high fever, and the lymph glands become inflamed and swollen. Painful sore throat involving lymph tissue in the throat may also be a symptom. The incubation period varies from 4 to 14 days.

Stellar patterns: Mars is the chief planet which causes this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use red hessonite garnet.


It is a serious eye disease of unknown cause, begins in the fluids encased in the eyeball. The pressure that these fluids exert against other parts of the eye increases, suddenly or gra­dually. If this pressure is not relieved, it may make the eyeball hard, damage the retina and even destroy fibers of the optic nerve causing blindness. In this disease, glasses do no good. Women are more likely to suffer from glaucoma than men.

Stellar patterns : The Sun and the Moon if afflicted in the 2nd or 12th house by Saturn or Rahu, the native may suffer from this disease.

Gem therapy:  Use red coral and white pearl.

Goiter (Hypertrophy)

Enlargement of the thyroid gland or excess growth of cells is commonly known as goiter. It is caused by deficiency of iodine in the food.

Stellar patters : Venus if afflicted in Taurus or in the 6th house causes this trouble.

Gem therapy : Use white coral and moonstone.


It is a venereal disease and is caused by a specific microbe, the gonococcus spread by illicit sexual intercourse. The only source of gonorrheal infection is discharge from lesions of the mucous membranes or lymph nodes of persons currently afflicted. The usual symptoms are burning and pain during uri­nation, discomfort in the urinary region and the discharge of a few drops of pus from the open end of the penis. In women, the symptoms are yellowish vaginal discharge and a painful swelling or abscess of the glands at the mouth of the vulva.

Stellar patterns: Mars in the 7th or 8th house if heavily afflicted by malefics causes this trouble.

Gem therapy:  Moonstone.


A form of arthritis which may affect both the joints and ankles, making them suddenly painful, red and tender. It is a metabolic disease in which the body fails to get rid of uric acid. The excess uric acid may crystallize in various parts of the body. These chalky deposits called tophi can be found in the ear lobes, elbows, skin about the finger nail and in the cartilage inside joints. Preventing attacks require cutting down on food and weight and avoiding protein foods that foster the formulation of uric acid.

Stellar patterns: Jupiter in lagna and Saturn in the 7th house cause gout. Saturn is the main planet which causes gout. Saturn in Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn or Pisces causes this trouble. Saturn in 1, 5, 7, 12th house also causes gout. Mars in the 10th  afflicted by Saturn may give this trouble. Conjunction of Saturn and Rahu in the 2nd or 3rd produces gout.

Gem therapy:  Yellow sapphire.

Gum boil
It is an abscess at the root of a decayed tooth. A toothache is usually a sign of badly decayed tooth.

Steelier patterns: Mars causes all sorts of inflammations or boils etc.

Gem therapy: Rhodolite.

Hay fever

It is catarrhal inflammation of the nose and eyes. It can be quite mild or so severe as to cause loss of sleep and weight. It occurs mostly in late summer and sometimes in spring. It may be called rose fever.

Stellar patterns: Mars is the main planet which causes this trouble. Mercury also sometimes comes into the picture.

Gem therapy: Red garnet and green tourmaline.


It is probably the most common complaint which vexes us. The causes are numerous. Some are anxiety, injuries to the head or other parts of the body, epilepsy, liver troubles, kidney troubles, eye troubles, sinus infection, fever, etc. Eye trouble is a frequent cause of headache. Exertion or fatigue may also cause headache.

Stellar patterns:  The main planet is Mercury which controls the brain nerves. Other planets are Mars and Saturn. The sign Aries governs our brain, head and forehead. Any affliction of this sign by malefic will give rise to this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use green tourmaline and moonstone.

Heart diseases

There are at least 20 kinds of organic heart diseases that usually affect the heart muscles, the valves of the heart or its inner or outer lining. There are also a number of functional disorders of the heart. The most common type of heart diseases are high blood pressure (hypertension), hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis). A heart attack is usually a case of coronary thrombosis. Heart failure happens when the heart is unable to pump blood efficiently to all parts of the body. Rheumatic fever is a kind of heart disease.

Stellar patterns : The 4th house from the ascendant rules over our heart- The signs Cancer and Leo control our heart. The planets involved in causing heart disease are the Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Saturn and Rahu. The Moon governs the heart, Mercury the nerves, Mars the blood and brain, the Sun the brain and heart. Any three planets in Leo or Aquarius if heavily afflicted will give heart trouble. The Sun in Cancer, Aquarius or Pisces causes heartache. The Moon in Gemini or Leo gives heart disease. When the lagna is in a watery sign and lord of the langa occupies a dusthana i.e., 6, 8, 12th, the native gets heart attack. When the sign Leo or Aquarius and the 4th house from the ascendant are afflicted by Mars, Rahu or Saturn, the native gets heart trouble. Saturn governs breathing and if he afflicts the sign Leo or Aquarius, the native gets heart trouble.

Gem therapy: Use green tourmaline or emerald, moonstone and yellow sap­phire. Red coral may be used as an additional gem in acute cases.


Inflammation of the liver is called hepatitis. This is a virus infection.

Stellar patterns: Jupiter and Mercury are the main planets responsible for this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use emerald and yellow sapphire. Moon­stone may be used as an additional gem.


It is caused due to an involuntary contraction of the diaphr­agm that closes the glottis?a breathing tube from the throat? at the moment of breathing in.

Stellar patterns: Rahu in Taurus afflicted by malefic or the Sun in Cancer afflicted by Rahu may give rise to this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use red coral, red cloth, red thread.


The protrusion of a loop or part of the intestine through an abnormal hole in the abdominal wall is called hernia. Some­times a loop of bowel protrudes into the scrotum. It is usually caused-by Weakness or absence of muscles, ligaments and other connecting tissue that should hold organs in their place. A most rare type is the protrusion of the stomach and other parts of the upper abdomen into the lungs through a hole in the diaphragm muscle which separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity.

Stellar patterns: Venus in Scorpio or in the 6th house afflicted by Saturn or Mars in Virgo receiving the evil rays of Saturn may give rise to this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use yellow sapphire.

High blood pressure

Hypertension takes away many valuable human lives. It is consistent elevation of the pressure of blood push­ing against the walls of the arteries and other blood vessels. It may be diagnosed when after repeated examinations, blood pressure measurements continue to stand above the normal range. It is a rhythmic, variable pressure. It is highest at the instant when the left ventricle of the heart contracts, the moment when the heart is said to be in systole. It is lowest at the time the heart is at rest or in diastole. Hence everyone has two measurable blood pressures, systolic and diastolic.

Blood pressure is measured by a blood-pressure apparatus called a sphygmomanometer. The average normal systolic blood pressure at the age of 20 is about 120, the diastolic about 80. However, there is a wide range of normal pressures for differ­ent people and the same person may have different pressures under different circumstances. For example, excitement shoots the pressure up. Blood pressure generally increases with age and increase in body weight.

Low blood pressure called hypotension is normal for many people. With others it may result from malnutrition or extended bed rest and weakness. High blood pressure affects first the heart and blood vessels and then indirectly other organs. Hardening of the arteries is perhaps the chief danger of con­tinuing hypertension. A heart attack is usually a case of coronary thrombosis. The usual symptoms of high blood pressure are shortness of breath after slight exertion, dizziness or vertigo, seeing double, pain or tightness in the chest, per­sistent headache, fatigue, swelling of ankles or abdomen.

What is commonly known as a heart-attack is the result of the closure or clogging of one or more of the little arteries that serve the heart. When a brain artery breaks or clogs, the condition known as stroke or apoplexy or cerebral vascular accident occurs. A heart attack is a case of coronary throm­bosis.

Astrologically the Sun and Mars rule over the heart. Jupiter governs our lungs. Saturn and Mercury control our heart and brain nerves. The Moon governs the mind, mental structure, breast and chest. The signs Gemini, Cancer and Leo govern our lungs, chest and heart respectively. It-is said that any three planets if posited in Leo or Aquarius, the native will invariably suffer from serious type of heart troubles. Gemini has a control over the lungs, respiratory system, bronchial tubes and nervous system. Malefic here in Gemini cause heart trouble, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, consumption, pleurisy and so on. Mars in Gemini gives bronchitis, inflammation of the lungs, pneumonia. Mercury in Gemini gives bronchitis and defects in the respiratory system. Saturn in Gemini gives   pneumonia, consumption, bronchitis and pleurisy. Jupiter in Gemini gives pleurisy, blood disorders and lung affliction. Singly they are not so bad. But two or three malefic in Gemini would certainly cause serious health troubles like asthma, consumption, pleurisy, bronchitis etc. Conjunction of the Moon and Ketu in Gemini is very danger­ous as it gives asthma, hypertension, consumption etc. Con­junction of the Moon and Saturn is also a dangerous com­bination.

The 4th house from the ascendant also rules over our heart. Mars if afflicted in the 4th house by other malefic gives hypertension. Singly Mars is not very bad but when conjoined with Saturn or Rahu in the 4th house, it becomes virulent and causes serious types of hypertension.

The lagna stands for self and body. Two or three malefic in the ascendant may cause hypertension. The 7th house also gives prolonged sickness as the planets posited in the 7th directly aspect the lagna. Therefore, malefic in the 7th house give heavy and long periods of sickness.

The    sign    Cancer    governs    our   chest    and    stomach. Malefic here give heart and-stomach troubles. Saturn in Cancer causes asthmatic complaints. Mars in Cancer gives gastric fever, typhoid, enteric fever and bilious complaints.  Singly they are not so bad, but when conjoined with one or two other male­fics, they usually become virulent  and cause  much  trouble. Conjunction of Mars  and Saturn in Cancer is very dangerous as this union damages the heart as well as stomach. The native would invariably suffer either from gastric ulcer or from hyper­tension. Conjunction of the Moon and Ketu in Cancer is also dangerous.

Leo causes ailments through inharmonious living and gen­erally disturbs the heart and blood. Usually it governs the heart. Saturn in Leo causes organic weakness of the heart and Saturn in Aries gives cerebral troubles. Mars in Leo gives palpitation of the heart, and hypertension. Venus in Leo also causes heart troubles. Mercury in Leo gives palpitation and spasms of the heart. Rahu or Ketu in Leo also causes serious heart troubles. Rahu in Aries gives spasmodic pains in the head and inflamma­tion of the coverings and membranes of the brain. Singly they are not so bad, but conjoined with one or two other malefic, they become virulent and would invariably damage the heart and cause hypertension. So the conjunction of Saturn and Mars, or Mars and Rahu in Leo would invariably give hyper­tension.

Thus two or three strong malefic in Gemini, Cancer, Leo or Aquarius would invariably give high blood pressure. Planets posited in Aquarius directly aspect Leo and thus damage the heart and cause heart troubles. So two or three malefic in Aquarius is a sure indication of getting high blood pressure.

Gem therapy: Use blue sapphire and moonstone.


It is frequent fits and fainting. It is one of the many forms of mental illness, commonly known as neurosis which includes shouting, wildly weeping and fainting.

Stellar patterns: The three mental rulers are the Moon, Mercury and Saturn. The signs Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius rule over our mind and mental structure. The 3rd and 9th houses from the ascendant govern our mind and mental struc­ture. Even the simple association of Rahu or Saturn with the Moon or Mercury may give rise to this trouble. When the Moon occupies either signs of Saturn or Capricorn or Aquarius, the native will suffer from hysteria.

Gem therapy: Use rhodolite and moonstone.


It is the inability of the male to have an erection of the penis.  It may be caused by nerve injuries, excessive indulgence in sexual activities in early life, or excessive alcoholic addiction.
Stellar patterns:  The 8th house of the zodiac i.e., Scorpio and the 7th house from the ascendant govern our private parts. Malefic in the 7th or 8th from the ascendant may give rise to this trouble.  Mars or Venus if afflicted by Saturn or Rahu can make a man impotent.

Gem therapy: Use red and white coral. Yellow sapphire should be used as an additional gem. 


Insomnia refers to sleeplessness. It is a common modern complaint. Everyone has occasional sleepless nights, usually after a certain worrisome day. But persistent insomnia deserv­es careful attention and medical check-up. Frantic self-medi­cation will be harmful the main causes of insomnia are excessive fatigue, heavy and rich meals, coffee, tea and other stimulants taken late at night, too hot or noisy room, fear and anxiety.

The treatment are relaxation of mind and body before sleep, reading books or listening to music before retiring, mild exercise like a short walk before going to bed. These may induce sound sleep.
Stellar patterns: Mercury governs the brain nerves and the Moon controls the mind, heart and stomach. Jupiter rules over the liver and lungs. Therefore, these three planets are res­ponsible for providing sound sleep. The parts of the body which cause insomnia are brain nerves, lungs and liver. If these parts are all right, the person concerned may have sound sleep. What is required is to calm down the body and mind.

Gem therapy: Use green tourmaline or emerald, moonstone and yellow sapphire.


Jaundice was formerly denned simply as, the condition brought about by staining of the skin, whites the eyes and tissues with bile pigment. The modern conception regards excess of bile pigment in the circulating blood as the essential point, the staining of the tissues being secondary. Jaundice in the blood may disappear and yet the skin, whites of the eyes and tissues remain yellow for many days.

It has become almost universally accepted that bile pigment is derived from the breaking down of red blood corpuscles in reticular-endothelial cells, chiefly in the spleen, bone marrow and elsewhere and only to a very minor extent in the cells of the liver. Jaundice may be caused in three ways as under:

1. Obstructive hepatic jaundice may occur when bile pig­ment carried to the liver cannot be excreted because of obstruc­tion either in the fine bile capillaries or in the larger bile-ducts.

2. Hemolytic jaundice may occur when there is excessive destruction of red blood cells with the result that larger quanti­ties of bile pigment are formed in the reticular-endothelial cells than the liver can deal with and excrete. In consequence, bile pigment remains in the blood-stream.

3. Toxic and infective hepatic jaundice may occur when bile pigment carried to the liver for excretion, cannot be successfully and completely excreted because of damage to the gland­ular cells of the liver. The bile pigment thus mixes with the blood-stream.

The usual symptoms are: fever and pain in the stomach; the liver becomes tender and may be enlarged; urine contains abundant bile pigment and bile acids. There may be persistent anemia. Itching of the skin may be very troublesome, espe­cially in the earlier weeks of obstructive jaundice and lead to severe insomnia, mental irritability or depression; gastro-intestinal disturbance may be very great; a tendency to hemorrhage may occur in any chronic jaundice and its treatment with Vitamin K may be helpful.

Jupiter governs our liver. Jupiter, if afflicted by malefic like Saturn, Mars or Rahu gives this trouble. The 5th house of the Zodiac is Virgo and its ruler is Mercury. Mercury if afflicted by 2/3 malefic gives this trouble. The 5th house from the ascendant rules over our stomach. Ketu is planet of chaos and confusion. He gives all sorts of mysterious diseases. Ketu if posited in the 5th house and afflicted by 2/3 malefics confers this disease. The sign Cancer also governs our stomach as it is a watery sign. Its ruler is the Moon. The Moon if afflicted by malefic in 4, 5, 7th, causes this trouble. Mars or Saturn if posited in Cancer causes liver troubles. If Rahu or Ketu is posited in the 7th, the native suffers from jaundice.

Gem therapy: Many planets govern our stomach. The sun controls the glands, Mercury the, Jupiter the liver, Saturn the spleen and intestinal nerves; Mars the muscles of the stomach; the Moon also governs our stomach. But when compared with Saturn in strength, all the other planets become too insignifi­cant and feeble. Saturn is the controller of our brain and stomach, the two most vital parts our body. If you can keep these two vital parts of your body normal, you will remain free from all diseases. Saturn's stone is very light blue sapphire (Indra-neela). So two stones are required for its complete recovery:

1. Deep red garnet on right arm to be worn with a red thread.

2. Very light blue sapphire on madhyama of your right hand

If you wear these two stones, you can get complete relief from this disease within 3/4 days of their wearing. Try and see their wonderful results.



It is characterized by inflammation of the vocal chords. The causes are infection, irritation by chemical substances or excessive shouting.

Stellar patterns: The sign Taurus governs our throat. The end house from the ascendant rules the voice. The Moon in Taurus afflicted by Mars; Rahu in Taurus afflicted by the Sun; Saturn in Taurus afflicted by Mars; Mars in Taurus or Scorpio afflicted by Saturn may give rise to this trouble.

Gem therapy: Rhodolite.

Menstrual Disorders

Menstruation normally occurs every 28 days counted from the first day of the menstrual flow. A truly missed period may indicate pregnancy, but it is always not so. The cycle may be upset by disease or physical shock or emotional excitement.

Stellar patterns: The Moon is the main planet which governs the uterus, ovary, and fallopian tubes. Mars is responsible for starting the flow by causing breakage of the uterine tissue but the actual flow and its duration is controlled by the Moon.

The Sun comes next when the conception takes place. Gener­ally the onset of the menses occurs when Mars during transit aspects the Moon-sign which is quite enough to excite the flow. Both delivery of the child and menstrual flow are con­trolled by the Moon.

Gem therapy: The moon is all-in-all in a female horo­scope. She governs the breasts, stomach, mind, mental structure, reproductive and sex organs, marriage relationship, conjugal happiness and child's health. So a single gem, white pearl is sufficient to give sound health. In case of pro­fuse bleeding, use red garnet as an additional gem.

Motion sickness

It is caused while traveling. The usual symptoms are dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting. Saturn governs- the air and as such, he has control over all vehicular movements.

Gem therapy: yellow sapphire on anamika will be very useful in this case.

Neuralgia (migraine)

It means pain in a nerve. Toothache is a kind of neuralgia and so is headache, specially migraine headache. Sciatica is neuralgia. Neuralgia often accompanies certain degenerative and infectious diseases notably anemia, diabetes, gout, arthritis, malaria and syphilis. In these cases, relief of the nerve pain de­pends primarily on treatment of the underlying condition. Many cases of neuralgia are of psychosomatic origin more closely allied to mental illness than to physical disorder.

Stellar patterns: Mercury is the chief planet which causes neuralgia. Mercury governs our nerves.

Gem therapy : Use red coral and green tourmaline or emerald.


It results from excessive exposure to direct sunlight. An analogous condition, heat stroke occurs from exposure to heat rays. High humidity usually increases the risk of sunstroke or heat stroke. The sunstroked individual becomes weak and irritable. He stops sweating. His skin feels dry and very hot. Suddenly his temperature shoots up. Restlessness and then unconsciousness ensue.

Its main treatment is to cool off the patient quickly. This is most efficiently done with cold water dousing or baths and the application of ice-packs. The cold treatment should be stopped when the temperature has been brought down to 102F.

Stellar patterns : The Sun and Mars are the main planets which cause this trouble.

Gem therapy: Use yellow sapphire or moonstone during the summer months. Yellow sapphire will work like magic in summer.

Throat troubles

Throat troubles may be of various types such as pharyngitis, laryngitis or tonsillitis. The usual symptoms are pain in the throat, difficulty in talking, swallowing, spitting, coughing, pain in the ears, headache, loss of voice and choking sensation. When examined, the sore throat appears red in color with whitish yellow spots. It is generally accompanied by chills and fever, loss of appetite and body pains. There may be an abscess behind the tonsils.

Stellar patterns: The Sun and Mars cause this when in Taurus. The 2nd house from the ascendant governs our throat. Any affliction of this house may give rise to this trouble.

Gem therapy:  Use red garnet. 

Gems for Old Age Diseases
Each of us has a limited natural span of life. Our lifespan, according to the Vedas, is of a hundred years. Modern medi­cines, advances in public health, sanitation and therapeutics have increased the life expectancy of the average Indian. Deaths from infectious and contagious diseases have been reduced con­siderably. The number of elderly persons in our population is on the increase.

As age advances, spontaneous deterioration of all parts of the body mechanism will occur. Medicines can give you only temporary relief. But gems can provide you with permanent recovery and may keep you ever young. Gems are generally used as a second line of defense against any disease. Side by side medicines should be taken in order to get quick recovery from any disease.

Respiratory system

During the winter months, most old people suffer from, respiratory trouble. The force of the heart is gradually dim­inished, with the result that it pumps less blood with each beat. Bronchial and pulmonary infections are a common cause of death in elderly people. However, pulmonary tuberculosis has been brought under control. Autopsy and chronic bronchitis are still taking away many lives. Chronic bronchitis kills more old people than pulmonary tuberculosis, lobar pneumonia etc. This is more common in males than in females.

The heart is under the control of several planets. The most important ones are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. Combined use of red garnet or coral, emerald or green tourmaline and white pearl will be found useful here. Sometimes blue sapphire is also required.

Diseases of the digestive tract

Old people generally have less digestive power due to less amount of secretion of digestive enzymes. The tone and normal contraction of the gastrointestinal tract are less and com­plete evacuation of the bowels is not made by one attempt and repeated attempts may be required for this.  A common and fatal disease is a gastric ulcer which may give rise to hemorrhage or perforation with subsequent  peritonitis. Duodenal ulcers are also encountered frequently especially in the later sixties.  Cirrhosis of liver is not unusual. Diverticulosis is also a frequent complication in old age.

Astrologically, the Moon controls the stomach, the Sun the gastric glands, Mercury the abdominal nerves, Mars the abdo­minal muscles, Saturn the gastro-enteric nerves, Jupiter the liver and Venus the glands. However, combined use of red coral, emerald or green tourmaline will be most suitable in curing all sorts of digestive disorders.


Excretory system

In old age, kidneys become weak and the formation of urine is somewhat less. Frequency of micturition, especially at night may be due to hypersensitiveness of the urinary bladder or prostrate enlargement in the case of males. There may be occasional dribbling i.e., inability to withhold the flow of urine. It is a sign of bladder trouble. Bladder trouble is usually in­dicated by abnormalities in passing urine, especially frequency, urgency and pain. Infection and inflammation of the bladder are generally associated with infection in other parts of the urinary system. Renal efficiency usually tends to diminish with age. Again, the kidney tends to become lighter with the advance in years.

Two planets, Mars and Venus, generally govern the kidneys and the urinary system. Combined use of red garnet and blue sapphire will be of great help.

Muscular system

Due to loss of weight, the efficiency of the skeletal muscles gradually diminishes after 45 years. The efficiency of the voluntary as well as involuntary muscles also is gradually dimi­nished as age advances.

Astrologically, Mercury controls and governs the entire nervous system. Saturn also plays an important role in ruling over the nervous system. Mars governs the muscles in our body. So in old age, combined use of red garnet on anamika, emerald or green tourmaline on madhyama and blue sapphire on kanista would give wonderful results.

Special sense organs

The ageing eye normally loses its power of vision and shows increased density, dehydration, loss of fat, diminished elasticity and sclerosis of the lens. The muscles of accommodation are weakened. It is said that emerald has the power to improve eyesight. It is also believed that by gazing at the emerald, one can improve eyesight. The white pearl may be used to improve the power of vision and to cure cataract.

Older people also suffer from partial deafness or loss of hearing. There is an old saying, "Never put anything in the ear except your elbow."

Saturn governs the ear and the blue sapphire may be used to remove deafness.

Bones and teeth

In old age, bones become weak and brittle due to an in­crease in inorganic salts and the cartilages also become more rigid. Bone diseases and deformities include acute and chro­nic infections, congenital deformities, traumatic deformities as the result of accident, bone changes as a result of nutritional deficiencies or endocrine disorders and a variety of benign and malignant tumors.

The teeth also become weak in old age due to various reasons. They frequently suffer from swelling of gums with acute pain. Loss of teeth is a common and striking feature of ageing.

Since Saturn governs both the bones and teeth, it is said to be the controller of the human body. Saturn also controls the last part of a man's life.

Old persons should use blue sap­phire along with red coral in order to keep sound health.

Diseases of bones and joints (arthritis)

Arthritis is almost common among old people. It is a frequent complication which disturbs them terribly. The knee, the spine, the hip and the small joints of the hand and feet are most often affected. The shoulder, elbow, the ankle, the joints show changes less frequently. A certain number of patients with rheumatoid arthritis survive in old age. Examples of gout and gouty arthritis are sometimes seen.

Charcot's joints are encountered occasionally. Septic arth­ritis can occur in the elderly. Many old people show some degree of osteoporosis in their skeleton. It is most marked in the spine. Paget's disease is also another complication which troubles too much.

Saturn controls the bones, skeleton, spine etc.

Combined use of green tourmaline or emerald and blue sapphire will be of great help to the elderly people.

Cerebral thrombosis

There are two stages of recovery from a stroke. The first is the initial fight for life and survival. The second is the pro­longed struggle to overcome the effects of residual paralysis. Nursing is extremely important at this stage when the combi­nation of physical helplessness, mental confusion and difficulty of speech may all combine to affect the patient adversely. The patient should not be moved from place to place. There should not be undue pressure or chafing of the skin.

Combined use of the gems emerald or green tourmaline, white pearl and blue sapphire will be found to be very useful.

Hypertensive heart disease

There is a general tendency for the systolic blood pressure to rise with age. This is more marked in women than in men. There appears to be a definite connection between age, arterial thickening and the development of hypertension. The common causes are overweight, anxiety, worry, nervous tension and irritation. Headache, dizziness, impairment of memory and poor concentration are common symptoms of disease. Patients with hypertension usually die from cardiac failure or cerebro vascular accident. Right ventricular failure seems more fre­quent than failure of the left ventricle. Acute bronchitis, broncho-pneumonia, cholecystitis often lead to the decapitation of the systolic pressure. If the systolic pressure continues to fall, there is a danger of either coronary occlusion or cerebral thrombosis.

Combined use of the gems green tourmaline or emerald, white pearl and blue sapphire will be found to be very useful.

Where and when to wear healing gems

Selection of fingers for the use of gems

Each finger has got intimate connection with the different parts of our body by means of nerves. The nervous system is the communication system of the body and it functions like a vast inter connected system. So each finger is directly connected with the specified parts of the body.

Take for instance, the little finger (kanistha) which has got direct connection with the private parts, reproductive system, knees, legs and feet. For curing diseases of these pans, gems are required to be worn strictly on this finger. Therefore, selection of the proper finger for wearing gems is of prime importance. Again, each finger is under the domain of one specific planet. The thumb has got no utility for wearing gems.

First finger (Tarjani): It is also called the index-finger or fore-finger. It is under the control of Jupiter. Medically, it stands for the respiratory system and the stomach. For curing diseases of the respiratory system, lungs, etc., gems are required to be worn on this finger. Gems for the Moon, Mars and Jupi­ter are worn on this finger. Yellow sapphire, moonstone, white pearl, may also be worn on this finger. For getting sound sleep, white pearl or moonstone are used on this finger.

Second finger (Madhyama): It is under the direct control of Saturn. Medically it stands for the intestines, mind, brain, liver and mental structure. Gems for Mercury, Rahu and Venus may be worn on this finger as they are friends of Saturn. Emerald, gotnedha, moonstone, blue sapphire, white coral, white pearl, diamond and white zircon are also worn on this finger.

Third finger (Anamika) : The Sun rules over this finger. It stands for the happier side of life. Medically it represents the kidneys, stomach, generative system and blood-circulation. Gems for Jupiter, Mars, Ketu may be worn on this finger, Ruby, red coral, cat's eye, white pearl, moonstone, yellow sapphire and topaz may be worn on the third finger.

Fourth finger (Kanistha) : It is under the direct control of Mercury. Medically it represents the private parts, knees, legs and feet. For curing diseases of the lower part of the body, gems should b: worn on this finger. Gems for Saturn and Rahu may be_ worn on this finger as they are friends of Mercury. Blue sapphire, gomedha or lapis lazuli may be worn on the fourth finger.

Good and bad times for the effects of gems

As a general rule, a period when the Moon is in the sign of Cancer or Pisces or the hours of the day governed by their planetary rulers is considered the best. Other favorable times are when Jupiter or Venus is rising or during the hours of the day ruled by Venus or Mercury. Generally, morning and evening are the best times for taking any medicines.

According to classical tradition, medicines taken during the' dominant influence of Saturn or Rahu would harm rather than help the patient. Night is ruled by the Moon and Saturn.

Persons in whose birth-chart Ketu is prominent or is afflict­ed in the 6th house should always exercise great caution in taking any kind of medicine as this position of Ketu predis­poses one to illness from drugs.

The fifth house is the trine house or Lakshmi sthana. The lord of the fifth house controls recovery from any disease. It is regarded as vajra to the 6th house which is the house of sickness. The 6th house presides over diseases, enemies and obstacles in the path of progress of the native. The 5th house is also the 12th house from the 6th house. So if the lord of the 6th house is strengthened by using gems for him, then diseases, enemies, obstacles. Some astrologers prescribe gems for the lord of the 5th house for a quick recovery.

It is said that when the planetary ruler of the sign of 8th cusp is posited in the 6th house, there is danger that the physician will inadvertently give the patient the wrong medi­cine. Persons having birth-charts indicating this position should exercise great caution before taking any drug.

Hours of the day governed by each planet:

Mercury and Jupiter: morning

Moon and Venus: evening

Sun and Mars: noon

Saturn and Rahu: twilight

Rahukala: The following times should be avoided for taking any medicines and for doing any good work in order to avoid evil results :

Monday from 7.30 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Tuesday from 3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Wednesday from 12 noon to 1.30 p.m.

Thursday from 1.30 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Friday from 10.30 a.m. to 12 noon.

Saturday from 9 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

Sunday from 4.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Auspicious constellations for taking medicines : Medicines taken during the following constellations would give good results : kartikai, mrigasira, dhanistha, swati, pushyam, sravana, punarbashu, chitra, moolam, jeystha, uttarphalguni, uttarshada, uttarbhadrapada, hasta, anuradha and aswini.

Comparative charts of houses in a birth-chart and signs in the zodiac representing different parts of the human body.

House in a birth-chart.                                           Signs in the zodiac.

First house: head and brain.

Aries: head and brain,

Second house: throat, tongue, nose, right eye, voice, face                                                           

Taurus: throat, tongue, nose, right eye, voice, face

Third house: right ear, hands, arms, shoulder

Gemini: right ear, hands, arms, shoulders

Fourth house: heart, chest

Cancer: stomach, heart

Fifth house: stomach, intestines

Leo: heart, back

Sixth house: naval region

Virgo: stomach, intestines

Seventh house: sexual region, uterus, ovary, kidneys, bladder

Libra: Kidneys, bladder, skin

Eighth house: rectum, anus, uterus, genitals

Scorpio: sexual organs, uterus, ovary, generative organs

Ninth house: hips, thighs

Sagittarius: hips, thighs

Tenth house: knees, joints and backs

Capricorn: knees, joints, back

Eleventh house: legs, left ear

Aquarius: left ear, legs

Twelfth house: feet, left eye, teeth

Pisces: feet, left eye, teeth

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