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Unheated Ceylon Garnet 7.30 (alm730)

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7.30 Carat
Bordeaux Red 
Medium Dark 80
Free of Inclusions



  • Identification: Natural Unheated & Untreated Almadine-Pyrope Garnet
  • Carat: 7.30
  • Shape: Emerald-cut
  • Measures: 12.22x9.56x6.45 (millimeter)
  • Color Grade: Good
  • Tone: MD80
  • Color Zoning: None
  • Clarity: Free of Inclusions* (surface indent, see comment)
  • Cutting Grade: Very Good
    • Brilliancy: 50%
    • Depth: 68%
  • Origin: Hatton, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
  • Treatment: None

Certificate No: On request

Overall Grade: Good+

Comment: Those who love red gems have affordable choices in the garnet family, apart from fashionable gems like rubies and red spinels. This emerald cut almadine-pyrope mix came from the same area as the 1.67 oval. They come in 3*NOS quality without treatments, no window and no visible inclusion. That said, gemologically surface indents are, even if visible, NOT counted as inclusions. Rules aside, the visible white spot must be reported and considered a flaw, especially because it sits on the front table. Thus, this big red garnet presents an even better bargain in the field of durable red gems suitable for daily, heavy use jewelry. If you are able not to judge such an indent (a former crystal the cutter didn't cut out but removed and left a visible crater in the table) negatively then this seven carat gem offers a great option for a hefty pendant on a budget. Do not let the gem, or our photos, misguide you, this is Medium Dark 80 material, as dark red as it gets before black takes over and we get out. To present the color correctly one must merge the maximum red with other images where full red stripes flicker between midnight tones. Noteworthy is also the difference between 7.00 and this almandine.  

P.S. The unusual circumstances of this year, personal and in general, have so far hindered us from getting lab reports done, although I dare hope this will change by late May when I have the opportunity to visit Antwerp in person. The price here quoted is EXCLUDING our usual certificate. If you like to have a lab report for this garnet we need to add between $150 for a full IGI report. A $1,000 premium AIG report seems out of dimensions for a 'normal' almandine. But it too, would need a good deal extra time (currently over 12 weeks, sigh).

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