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Ed Bristol

Unheated Tanzanite 2.24

Untreated Green blue purple Tanzanite
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2.24 Carat (sold)
Medium 50 to MD75
Free of Inclusions



Identification: Natural Unheated & Untreated Tanzanite

Carat: 2.24

Shape: Cushion

Measures: 8.29x7.68x5.27 (millimeter)

- Color Grade: Various

- Tone: M50-MD75

Color Zoning: Visible, shifting and gradual

Clarity: Free of Inclusions

Cutting Grade: Excellent (precision re-cut by Conny F from 2.57)

o       Brilliancy*: 95+% (see comment)

o       Depth: 68%

Origin: Tanzania

Treatment: None


Certificate No: DSEF TZ 080421 (pre recut from 2.57 carat)


Overall Grade: Excellent

Comment: The inside of this tanzanite appears to be alive, always in motion, even when caught by the camera's mini-second shutter moment. Under the eye, especially under the lens it reminds me of a psychedelic aquarelle of the late sixties'. The mélange of colors, from green to violet, from blue to purple, moves inside the unusual big main facets on the backside. The gem's rough shape must have forced the cutter to leave an uncommonly open backside. Not a window, the gem is 100% closed when viewed from straight above (*there is the 95% brilliancy), but a slight change in angle opens a sideview and every hue and tone changes resulting in a shimmering play of color. The amount of 'more images' attests to an unlimited supply of new color impressions in a primary violet-blue frame. An adventurous gem, if there ever was one. In the handshot, I captured the main blue base-color under full daylight. To the eye, in motion, a rotating blend of colors as only nature can produce, but usually does on bigger canvases, like coral-reefs seen from an airplane, or cloud-formation over the horizon with the sun setting beyond, or in the dark flashes of color during a tropical storm. Long overlooked, these spectacular features of unheated not-only-blue tanzanite are gaining respect and well-deserved attention, while still much cheaper than the top boring-blue treated pieces. Here, in our inventory, each one is a unique masterpiece of nature, not a man-made standard color to facilitate the production of mass-jewelry. Other unheated tanzanites are coming but supply is limited. This gem was custom recut from 2.57 to 2.24 carat by Conny Forsberg. The current images are mostly post-recut. 


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