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Untreated African Spessartite 18.10 (PSG1810)

Rich reddish orange African spessartite
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18.10 Carat (pair)
Rich Reddish Orange
Medium Dark 75
Free of Inclusions





- Identification: Natural Unheated & Untreated Spessartite

- Carat: 18.10 (total)

- Shape: Oval

- Measures: 10.84x12.51x7.65 & 10.88x12.61x7.77 (millimeter)

- Color Grade: Excellent

- Tone: MD75

- Cutting Grade: Very Good

o       Brilliancy: 66%

o       Depth: 70%/71%

- Origin: Madagascar

- Treatment: None


Certificate No: 542362/542381


Overall Grade: Excellent (big reports for free, or drop a $1k in cost)

Comment: Mildly put, a miracle pair: Twin spessartite, free of inclusions (rare even in smaller spessartites) and so huge they busted our photo-setting. If you want something to complain about, see the ridiculous small certificates (the gems being almost as big as ....). I, or somebody, lost the big ones and in this size reports get shockingly expensive, hence we postponed new reports until sombody can decide if he wants them or rather safe some bucks for the setting. We will make big reports free of charge, if you care, though the data remains the same. There is not much more to say about spessartites in a report (no treatments anyways), once IDed as spess according to their unique RI, then color and sizes is all you can write on a report, less the origin but that is often impossible in clean gems and even more terrifying expensive. We'll make big reports anyways (or drop you the $1k such cost). Whatever the papersize, the sweet balance of orange and red, glowing in any light, never too dark, never dull red, will have you lost in time and space. Easily mistaken for orangish rubies. At under $1k/carat not particularly expensive in this size but big is big and it counts.

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