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Ed Bristol

Untreated Indian Alexandrite 1.18

green to red alexandrite AGTL certified from Araku valley
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1.18 Carat
Color Changer
Medium Dark 65
Lightly Included




- Identification: Natural Unheated & Untreated Alexandrite

- Carat: 1.18

- Shape: Cushion/Rectangular

- Measures: 6.69x5.21x3.95 (millimeter)

- Color-Day/Night: Slight bluish green / slight purplish red
- Color Change: Strong

- Tone: MD65

- Color Zoning: None

- Clarity: Lightly Included

- Cutting Grade: Good

o       Brilliancy: 66%

o       Depth: 76%

- Origin: Araku, India

- Treatment: None

Certificate No: AGTL 2450 (plus additional IGI or DSEF report)


Overall Grade: Excellent

Comment: Every Alexandrite is a thrill, often tricky at first sight (though not this one, read on), then the pulse-raising moment when a tungsten torch hits the gem, followed by a potentially endless study of various color and light combinations and their representation on photo. Personally, I spend at least half a day with each new Alexandrite (though the more included Fort Victoria gems are an exception due to their uniform CC). As any honest Alex connoisseur will admit they are of mostly introverted character, demanding time, close attention and patience (the exact opposite of, say, Mahenge Spinel). A fascinating lot and expensive for good reasons. This 1.18 from the depleted but famous-quality mines in south-east India, surprised me with an utterly pure green daylight devoid of the usual purple that muddies daylight impressions in many other Alex. Here we have an alexandrite that actually DOES compare with emerald, a statement I do not make lightly (despite the old but naive folklore of "emerald at day - ruby at night"). Seriously, I have never seen an alexandrite with a stronger day-green, plus a slight bluish tint, holding his color dense and pure until hit decisively by incandescent light. This is a primary impressive-green gem, sparkling red under tungsten light. Most common light settings contain a broad wave spectrum, resulting in mixed hues most of the time. Not so here. Inclusions are visible only under the lens, with the feathered wing in the close-up accessible only from the back and also only with lens. No window, no treatments, cut not too bad, though surely with an eye on weight retainment. A precision re-cut-refinement can be done without dropping under one carat. The alexandrite veins around the Araku valley are rumored to have once been geologically connected to the legendary Russian mines straight north but I could not find scientific proof there-of. In addition to the qualified but sparse AGTL card, a fresh DSEF or IGI report is free of charge, or any other top-of-line lab report of your choice can be arranged. See the long line of all-fun shot under 'more images' that could not be deleted from the camera, there are too many new sights and surprises in every good Alexandrite. Medium Dark 70 emerald green with only a slither of blue. Considering the hours invested into such an photo presentation, I can understand websites where all Alexandrites look the same, digitally re-produced mostly, as long as they are actually of the shown quality. I respect if somebody wants to avoid the hassle of photographing Alexandrites, but to me it is fun, I enjoy working with such a fine gem. Note the deep purple side-image and the almost colorless back-side shots. 


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