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Untreated Rutilated Topaz 7.65 (RUT765)

oval cut extra brilliant titanium colored rutile topaz from Brazil, unheated and natural, no window,
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7.65 Carat
Rutile Needles



- Identification: Natural Unheated & Untreated Topaz
- Carat: 7.65
- Shape: Roundish Oval
- Measures: 12.19x10.52x7.91 (millimeter)
- Color Grade: n.a.
- Tone: n.a.
- Color Zoning: None
- Clarity: Free of Inclusions (Needles)
- Cutting Grade: Very Good+
  > Brilliancy: 90%
  > Depth: 75%
- Origin: Brazil
Treatment: None

Certificate No: IGI 361902748 (see 'more images')

Overall Grade: Excellent

Comment: Last gem of the month: A rutilated topaz with just the right amount of rutile, enough to add to the special luster but not too much as to make the gem look dirty. I have not found a rutile topaz in over five years despite constant search, and that specific 8.38 was not a true rutile but limonite with a bright yellow tone. Mid last decade, 2005, there was a fair supply of ruitle topaz in all sizes and shapes, upto over hundred carats. Luckily, I bought a good stock which lasted several years and then... nothing, for many years. This latest topaz contains true rutile, a very special mineral, in grey to colorless hollow needles reaching up to the surface, some as thick as a hair. If you search the web for 'rutile topaz' you'll find a kilo or three, only that these are NOT topaz but quartz which are not such a rare occurence. Nothing wrong with them, but they are softer, lighter and, well, quartz not topaz. The latter clearly having the higher prestige and awareness. In neutral daylight the needles add another dimenion of brilliancy allowing this topaz to glitter far more than an undisturbed crystal would allow bringing it far closer to diamond than simple white topaz could dream of. Adding colored light, from normal lumniscence, over harsh office light to UV light brings out very different appearances. See under 'more images': yellow, purple, violet and blue reflected from otherwise barely visible needles. This well sized gem will make a posh diamond-like ringstone with a few extra tricks up its sleeve. You and/or your compaingians get to observe the often invisible needles changing the character of the gem depending on the light setting. Under neutral daylight it delivers perhaps the best dispersion amongst all white gemstones, with diamond and zircon the only competition, winner undetermined. Our "3*Nos of Excellence": no treatment, no window, no inclusions are fulfilled if we consider the rutile needles an optical extra, like a cat's eye, rather than mundane inclusions, of which there are no other to find under the lens. 


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