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Untreated Sandawana Emerald 0.31 (RSNO031)

Sandawana oil-free emerald in pear cut bright vivid green
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0.31 Carat
Bright Vivid Green
Medium Dark 60
Lightly Included



  • Identification: Natural Unoiled & Untreated Emerald
  • Carat: 0.31
  • Shape: Pear
  • Measures: 5.91x4.05x2.21 (millimeter)
  • Color Grade: Very Good
  • Tone: Medium Dark 60
  • Color Zoning: See comment
  • Clarity: Lightly Included
  • Cutting Grade: Very Good
    - > Brilliancy: 40%
    - > Depth: 54%
  • Origin: Zimbabwe, Sandawana

Treatment: None (!)

Certificate No: IGI219624176

Overall Grade: Very Good+ ('+' for un-oiled)

Comment: This 0.31 pear shaped Sandawana is un-oiled, a rarity amongst emeralds even when compared to unheated sapphires, and in best shape for a priceless bespoke ring or pendant. The, seemingly, dark space in the tip is not an inclusion nor a window, but in fact a clean area, free of inclusions, best seen under 'more images' from the back. From some angles and in some light this clarity produces a transparent see-through space. The strong body color distracts from all else (including the inclusions in the rest of the gem). If you are new to this website, or its emerald section, this article here tells you more about Sandawana emeralds, which, some in-the-know say, are the best emeralds of all time, with the additional rarity factor of the mines being empty for a long time. Except here, or in estate sales, they are sold-out. IGI attest 'Zimbabwe' (which in emeralds always means Sandawana) and does NOT mention any enhancements. To the new-comer this may be confusing: It is common practice in many gem-labs to mention treatments only if found (GIA, SSEF, GRS do this, too, I think, from memory but please check if in doubt) otherwise, as you can see in some of the oiled emeralds IGI, adds a long paragraph about their oil treatment. The absence of this paragraph is like the oil - it is not there, hence no oil, no treatment. As mentioned in the literature, Sandawanas stand out especially in small sizes, keeping their color even in one or two pointers; sizes in which they are especially sought after and highly valued for halos, beating diamond prices by an extra zero. Hence this 31 points have no problem to attract attention especially with 6x4mm face-up and a one-in-a-million rarity to talk about (Sandawana AND unoiled).

Read about Sandawana Emeralds. Here is a bit more about Emerald grading by the GIA. Here is Dr. Guebelin at a time when the Zimbabwean mines were just discovered.


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