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Ed Bristol

Untreated Welo Opal 0.93

untreated all colored orange based zone welo opal
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0.93 Carat
Orange/Brown with Rainbow
Pattern: Flame
Crystal/Fire - No Inclusions



- Identification: Natural Unheated & Untreated Opal
- Carat: 0.93
- Shape: Oval One-sided Cabochon
- Measures: 8.89x6.96x3.03 (millimeter)
- Body Color: colorless / brown & orange 
- Play of Color: Very Good 
- Pattern: Flame 
- Clarity: Visible color zoning - Free of Inclusions
- Cutting Grade: Very Good
  - Finish: Very Good
  - Depth: 44%
- Origin: Ethiopia, Welo

Treatment: None

Certificate No: IGI 310837704

Overall Grade: Very Good

Comment: One side of this opal is densely golden orange, honey colored and almost opaque, while the other side is transparent, like crystal opal with good play-of-color. Fire opal and crystal in one gem. On the side-hand-shot under 'more images' we show the hard separation line between the two zones. In person, and in motion, the areas merge and melt in a beautiful soft color-play. As always with opal, even a single carat gives you a full sized ring-gem of near 9x7mm. Broad range of rainbow-hues in its play-of-color. The accompanying IGI report guarantees a natural opal, unoiled, undyed, unwaxed, not impregnated by or boiled in chemicals, its surface unpainted, and so on and on. The two color zones, as shown below, make a unique gem even more special but also help with the budget. Bargain entry into the fascinating world of opals.



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