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Untreated White Ceylon Moonstone 2.52

cabochon white moonstone untreated natural from Sri Lanka
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2.52 Carat
Shiny Snow White
Free of Inclusions



- Identification: Natural Untreated Unheated White Moonstone
- Carat: 2.52
- Shape: Long Oval Single High-Dome Cabochon
- Measures: 10.27x5.98x5.48 (millimeter)
- Color Grade: n.a.
- Tone: n.a.

- Zoning: None / Moon-Sheen
- Clarity: Transparent
- Cutting Grade: Excellent
  - Finish: Excellent
  - Adularescence: Excellent (bright, sharp, mobile)
- Origin: Sri Lanka

Treatment: None

Certificate No: IGI 329861887

Overall Grade: Excellent

Comment: Aren't they beautiful? I'm sorry we have under-served moonstones till recently, not even aware of all the colors and specials, stars and cat's eyes, found around the globe. This here is the very classic Ceylon type, transparent, colorless, and with a strong shining white moon-sheen. Its especially high-domed shape concentrates the adularescence sheen (that's the tongue-knotting term for the optical effect in moonstone) on the very top and therefore with an extra focused glow. Take note of the unusual dimensions: Higher than wide, and almost double as long as wide. This will result in a unique appearance in any type of setting, e.g. a very wide and high reaching ring, or with 10x6mm big enough for pendant, it will stand-out like a high-carat gem. Moonstones, BTW, are part of the big feldspar group, tough enough for jewelry but not suitable for martial arts. As one of the oldest gemstone varieties on record, moonstones bring with them millennia of myths and folklore in dozens of cultures around the world. Probably worth a book from the research I did. See the handshots under 'more images': they show the snow-white glow best and just as in person. Utterly clean body, no inclusions or flaws, flat underside, no treatments, perfect shape and finish. All our gems come with a 1000sqm of rainforest protected by WLT, free shipping, lab report, grading papers and other perks.  

P.S. This moonstone has a twin for a matching pair

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