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Untreated Zimbabwe Alexandrite 0.78 (PALP078)

semi transparent 100% color change alexandrite from Zimbabwe in pear shape
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0.78 Carat
Color Changer
Medium Dark 80
Semi-Transparent (!)



  • Identification: Natural Unheated & Untreated Alexandrite
  • Carat: 0.78
  • Shape: Pear
  • Measures: 6.96x4.94x2.81 (millimeter)
  • Color Change: Strong ('Dramatic' is the correct wording)
  • Tone: MD80
  • Color Zoning: Not IRL (see comment)
  • Clarity: Semi-Transparent (!)
  • Cutting Grade: Very Good
    • Brilliancy: n.a.
    • Depth: 57%
  • Origin: Masvingo, Zimbabwe
  • Treatment: None

Certificate No: IGI 380995061

Overall Grade: Very Good

Comment: From Fort Victoria, Zimbabwe came (past tense) chrysoberyls producing a 100% color-change between day- and tungsten-light, thereby qualifying not only as alexandrites, but perhaps as the only, or count on one hand, alexandrites with a full color-change between green-blue and purple-red. Most alexandrites are happy to show a 3/4 change, say purple-blue to red-purple. These Zimbabwen gems can turn from pine-green straight to carmine red, and yet, as always in the universe, there is a price to pay for this ultra-rare quality. In this case, the price is not monetary but comes in dark tones and dense, included crystals, the trade-off to witness this unheard-of color change. Only Bekily garnets could hold them a candle, but even if they can be free of inclusions, Bekily also tend to be on the dark side and carry much purple into both color worlds. This extra-big-face but no-window 0.78 carat stands out with a 'semi-transparent' attested on its IGI report instead of the usual opaque or translucent. Below we have added a shot into the tilt window to document this outlyer's almost transparent body, which, however, does not mean much in Medium Dark 80. While the eye perceives a strong and clear blue-green under pure day-light, the camera does not like to reproduce this hue well. Instead you have to take your cues from the over-exposed, tortured images with red and purple sneaking around in stripes or blotches like color-zones (they are not). The night-show has no such problems, glowing in all hues and tones between mulberry purple and a pure red that would embarrass even some rubies. These alexandrites are a Godsend for those who cannot spare $20k to own a full alex-color-change but are willing to compromise clarity etc. for one of the most legendary gemstone phenomena. With 7x5mm we could even design an alexandrite-pendant under $2.5k! Not many of these rarities left to acquire for coming generations.


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