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Untreated Gemstones - By Variety

Below are our gems sorted into varieties, or gemological groups. The exact definitions of these gemstone-types are not only under constant scientific review, but also depend on trends, culture, and may vary over time.

Hence, we do show certain gems in, strictly spoken, gemologically incorrect sections.

For example: We may display a Dravite under 'yellow tourmalines' because many casual buyers do not know the differences and might simply think there are no brown tourmalines, or, worse, that we don't carry them. The same may happen to, say, a orange-red sapphire. As per gem lab report, this is not a ruby, yet we might display it also with our rubies to show you alternatives or border-line cases that might be exactly what somebody seeks for his budget, or wants for his taste.

Gemstones that have no page of their own (rare types or small groups) and especially unusual specimens of other varieties are collected in ‘Wild Cards’, for example sphalerite, apatite, euclase, iolite, amber, zultanite, kunzite, silimanite, morganite, scapolite, heliodor, crystals, rhodochrosite, kyanite, turquoise, fluorite, epidote, coral, agate, chrysoprase, rutilated gemstones, kornerupine, bowenite, cabochons, paraiba tourmalines, red beryl aka bixbite aka red emerald, hiddenite, off-color sapphires, uncommon garnet-mixtures, rare star- and cat's eye-variations, to name just a few....

Again, this page is NOT a scientific exercise in gem identification. Some gemstones may be shown in several varieties, either to broaden your choice, or because definitions are fluid.

Ask if you need help.

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